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The Justice Department probe into Obama administration officials accused of “unmasking” President Trump’s associates, including one-time National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, has reportedly ended without criminal charges.

The Washington Post reported late Tuesday evening that a report of the investigation would not be released, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The Daily Caller reports:

Attorney General William Barr earlier this year tapped John Bash, the outgoing U.S. attorney in San Antonio, to investigate whether Obama administration officials abused the process for requesting intelligence reports on Trump associates.

The inquiry began following the release of a document that showed that 39 officials in the Obama White House and other federal agencies requested intelligence reports that had information about former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Among those officials was then-Vice President Joe Biden.

U.S. officials routinely submit so-called unmasking requests in order to better understand intelligence reports. But Republicans have suggested that the Obama officials intentionally made requests for reports that mentioned Trump associates. The Republican theory was that government officials may have leaked negative information about Flynn and other Trump associates to the media.

It is unclear if Bash investigated the Obama officials’ rationale for requesting intelligence reports that mentioned Flynn and other Trump associates. Biden has been asked about his unmasking request during one interview and denied any wrongdoing.

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  1. Barr is as useless as Sessions was! We need an AG with some balls who is not bought and paid for by the stinking Dems!

    1. it’s not the stinking dems. It’s the same people writing the checks to the stinking dems. The Deep State. The big boys.

    2. I agree – I knew we would never get any indictments on all those scum in the Obama Administration. Just a waste of time and taxpayer money!

    3. Unbelievable and no explanation or clear public statement why there is no criminals charges against these criminals.

    4. They probably spied on Barr too and have something to blackmail him on. If I were Trump, I’d put Flynn over the FBI and CIA and give him free range to clean up those cesspools.

      1. Keep this in mind, NSA and others linked to them, are spying on all of us. Not for terrorism but because they can . Our presidents are the Commander in Chief of these deep state groups and can ask them to surveille any of us. Make up a dubious story, ruin our characters, get us fired from,our job, and tarnish us for good.
        Blackmail of politicians is rampant but us teenie weenie citizens, not sdo much. We are just a bug they can stomp on.

  2. Barr is obviously not capable of fixing the DOJ or the FBI…he’s done! An old man…tired…probably disappointed to see his “beautiful” DOJ corrupt and be so powerless to fix it. But, that makes him complicit. Guess he doesn’t see it that way. Betrayed by Durham …and how many others?

    1. I’m not surprised he did not expose the corruption, I’m beginning to believe he purposely covered them up Mr. Bar is making himself & the administration look bad . So sad Americans will lose faith. in the justice system. A very big disappointment .

  3. They are ALL afraid that the truth will come out about McCain and other rhinos as well as the ENTIRE Democratic Party and their absolute crimes. If they do not stop it then it will happen to you.

  4. This stinks!! Treasonous criminals still walking proving weak, feckless judiciary.
    Our eagle took a hit on this one.

  5. Why is Obama going to be given a pass in this. We know he was involved, why is he not be held accountable! This is oonot right.

  6. Unfortunately, there is much more going on than meets the eye at this point. Bahr either has sufficient data to indict or he doesn’t and if what he has won’t end in a major break in the case, then he should shelve it, at least for now. Looking at it from a logical perspective, you have to pick your fights carefully. Pick what is most important first and/or the low hanging fruit that will yield tangible and valuable results. Resulting in indictments, and more importantly, convictions. Resources are always key to making these decisions. I for one believe that there are bigger fish to fry than in the unmasking arena. Let’s give the benefit of the doubt to Bahr and expect an honest and dedicated effort to finding the truth and looking beyond the politics of the moment and having justice served as it is supposed to be.

    1. I agree. Barr has to have all the proper evidence to make it all stick on any crimes. If he don’t he’s will lose the case and it will be like pis—–ing in the wind and he will be wasting his time. I like Barr. I think he is a honest guy. We all have our own opinion. free speech. Trump 2020 Patience I say.

      1. I’m retired law enforcement and I know how all that goes on cases. You got to get it all right or you lose your case. Obuma is a ex-president and a lot of other high profiles so it wouldn’t be easy trying to convict them.

  7. This is simply unbelievable. Hi got everything given to him on a silver plater. And not criminals walking free? Him and Durham are useless POS.

  8. MATT MOLK was right! A year ago Matt said Bill Barr was a ” candy barr”.
    Just another deep state dumbocraptic operative whose real job was to protect the Clinton cabal. The largest crime syndicate in America.

  9. This should be done BEFORE the elect tion if they know now which it appears they do. Why in heavens let the perpetrators be elected and why should that not be known by the people? It is amazing how these he people be protected when they harmed this country and cost us millions of dollars and opinions spread by the biased media. It is time for this country to GO BACK TO TRUTH AND THE CONSTITIUTION. We the people want the Constitution and our country to remain FREE.

  10. Caroline is rite we need someone with Balls to start putting some of these corrupt a-holes in Jail we the American people are getting screwed everyday in every way so when is it going to Stop ✋let’s re-elected President Donald J Trump and see 👀what happens

  11. The American people are sick and tired of this two-tiered justice system! One for us and one for Democrats! I had a small sliver of hope that we might begin to see some of these Liberal *bleeps* be held accountable for their crimes, but the closer we get to Election Day, the more that hope fades.

  12. There is no justice, there never has been any justice, there never will be any justice.

    The only time we will see justice is when we get a rope and a tree limb and take matters into our own hands.

  13. why is every crime the democrats are commiting being swept under the rug? We the people want to know. We want to know about the whistleblower in benghazi, bidens iranian deals the russia hoax that hillary started, everything. we are tired of being lied to. why would you let a vote go out to people that need to be locked up for treason?

  14. POTUS called it right: Barr had the opportunity to be a GREAT AG or just another one. Looks like Barr chose the later. shameful.

  15. Unfortunate looks like we are not acting like Obama did in going after a candidate for President then creating a coup to depose him. If he’s out of the spotlight that indeed he himself created all the three years of misery that Trump has had to indoor then Americans won’t see the Justice served in criminal activity to the tenth power!

  16. There ya go, the second largest criminal organization in the world continues to cover up for the corrupt communist traitors!

  17. It is amazing that anyone thought Wm. Barr would do anything remotely resembling accountability.
    Barr is a fixer for corrupt government agencies.
    Think Ruby Ridge.
    Barr was the one who got sniper Lon Horiuchi off after he shot and killed Vicki Weaver while she was holding her baby.
    It is hard for me to decide who is worse, Barr or Horiuchi.

  18. WTF? Why? We want accountability! You really let us down! Lock them up, we have to pay for their lifetime of security? Including their lifestyle? Really?

  19. This is turning out the way I knew it would. Politicians take care of politicians. This is how it has always turned out and it always will. The deep state has been around a long time. democrats aren’t the only one’s who are part of it. Many republicans are too. Look at the never Trumpers and the rest of the spineless do nothings. We need to vote out all politicians and start over with people who have never had anything to do with the politicians.

  20. Well if you think that’s bad, then IF this is true, what will/wont be done about this???

  21. Sure… Bash was allowed to just leave after not doing his job…He should have been fired!
    These lawyers are not little kids…Barr is WEAK!

  22. “Attorney General” is one of those odd words where the plural is “attorneys general,” not “attorney generals,” presumably because they are attorneys, but not general. “Sergeants Major is another one.

  23. You know, I thought that Barr was the real deal and would dig up all of the dirt and show the world how corrupt a lot of people in our government are. But as per usual we find out that he must be part of the cabal. The left must have some dirt on him, or he’s hedging his bet, afraid President Trump will lose and he’ll be hung out to dry by the sewer rats. Like Sessions he has done things to make it look like he was going to do it right but it’s just smoke to cover his a**.

  24. What a bunch of bullshit, these low=lives obuthead/biden, committed the highest treasonous, crimes ever in American history, and they get off scott=free. no dam way, what another worthless AG, these incompetent, people should be hung for treason. We will still bring them to justice,obummer,biden,clinton, watch.

  25. Well he’s a Democrat and as you have seen in the past they have there on law and you can’t put them in jail only Republicans get punished and the Democrats walk away HILLARY will walk to it just don’t seam right that they can be so cruel and then our Barr is just like them all they get paid off to to drope all charges 😫😫

  26. The problem here is a Judge. He has made the whole ok by not allowing the case against Flynn to be dropped. He should be disbarred and kick off the bench. He is working on behalf of the Dem. Party to try to smear a GOOD MAN and TRUMP in the process. If charges are NOT filed Flynn should be able to SUE the crap out of him once this is all done. That should be anyone else that has their name attached to it.

  27. The Clinton crime syndicate must have gotten to Barr, just as they got to John Roberts, and threatened his life and his family’s lives!

  28. This is so wrong! I don’t trust any of you now! Why did I make all those donations? Disappointed and very angry with Barr!

  29. If the dimwits that caused this asinine criminal behavior walk away scot free, most American’s will believe the “Deep State” will always win..

  30. We are so disappointed in AG Barr! None of the investigations have gone anywhere on the upper levels and that is so wrong! No more excuses, let the guilty pay! There are many of them who have screwed the public, gotten away with it so far and they are out there mocking us!

  31. Disgusted with Barr and all the BS investigating and releasing of un-redacted documents supposedly linked to all of the Obama corruption. I’d like an explanation why there won’t be any criminals changes against these criminals…

  32. Well since all this is going to be declared hunky dory, it’s time for Trump and the republican’s to set up their own spying operation. That will be enlightening!

  33. There better be obama holder, clinton all need assets ceased, prison time in a real prison, just for fast n furious much less what they did to our Country our President, and the American People

  34. Trump’s vitriol about Obama illegally leaking negative reports on Flynn was just another conspiracy going out the door. He demanded that his lapdog, Barr investigate the Obama administration, his “sic em” prompted Barr to name one of their own to head the probe. Needless to say, it went nowhere because their was no conspiracy. So what happened is the same as when trump came up ther conspiracies, he ended up with S__T in his face.

  35. Dirty politic’s The deep state is bought and paid for by George Soros and his money buys what ever the deep states needs to be even more crookeder, than they are & Obama ,I believe is the leader of the deep state !

  36. I’m going to choose to stay on the positive side of this report. Barr, I believe, is a white hat . He’s not going to tell you everything that they’re doing. Trump will be reelected and all of this will be brought out into the open. I have faith and trust in God that this will happen. God is in charge here, not any man.

  37. Barr should fire every democrat working for the justice department all the way down to the grounds keepers a d revoke their pensions!

  38. None of us realize how really deep the Deep State is, if they have the power to bury this even with all the investigations, their power is very strong indeed! And that spells a lot of trouble for our country and for those of us who love the freedoms unique to our country!

    1. They have been building up all this for years. Mean while all of the rest of us have to work etc. and make living and we don’t know what they been doing all this time. When Glen Beck had his show on fox news he was exposing a lot this then. That might be why he’s not there anymore. They put pressure on him enough to get him out there. Beck said the progressive had been getting in all these high places for the last 100 years. That is why they don’t like Trump. He hurting all the deep state. That why they don’t like us too, because we like Trump. It’s all about power and money for the big shots and they give a few crumbs to the people. We sure better vote Trump and hope he wins. Its gonna be bad if he don’t. China is in on it too.

  39. Its all soro’s and the deep state pulling all the strings. Satan has his hands in every evil thing going on in Wash.

  40. The problem is that both parties claim to want transparency but neither delivery unless it is in their best interest. We need to hold both parties accountable for the massive debt and fraud placed upon the American People.

  41. Notice the name John Bash. Bill Barr tasked John Durham with the probe into criminality of these events. Bash? who is Bash? sorry but this investigation is still ongoing and Barr has said the outcome will not be out before the election. he is still at this time collecting more evidence.

    End of the topic; It doesn’t matter what John Bash says. He is not the final authority on this.

    What this article shows us: A dem tactic to use one of thier courts or prosecutors or lawyers to rule against something so as to set prescendence and attempt to kill future investigations into the matter. It’s a desperate last second block attempt. What it means is that it would be difficult to use exactly the same evidence Bash had and attempt to get a different ruling in any court. It would mean as Barr so carefully noted, he needs more evidence at least one more peice of significant evidence which can be argued to change the ruling. And he will get it. Well, he’ll get it as long as Trump remains president.

    One bonus is because this matter was not taken to court yet, that means theres no court prescedent or court ruling to overturn. if there were that would mean barr and Durham would need substantially more evidence to have more than one arguing point should defending lawyers attempt to discredit any of the evidence.

    I hope this helps.

  42. Then this whole investigation was a waste of time. Barr’s been doing what? Not much! Then he needs to go! I always though Trey Gowdy should have been Attorney General! Big mistake, everyone knows Obama’s guilty of treason, I guess we can all go out and break the law! But only liberals are allowed to!

  43. Right on , Caroline Creek– I think Barr is just dragging it out to see who wins the election . If Trump wins , he’ll go forward with prosecute and look bad ass to the right and if Bite me wins he delete everything and be the hero to the left

  44. Years ago when Trump talked about the swamp, he wasn’t kidding , but what was the surprise is the number of Republicans are also part of the swamp
    They have worked against him from day 1
    Comey, McCain, Romney, Wray, and even Roberts

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