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Sen. Mitt Romney is at it again. 

The Utah Republican is back to his old tricks of foiling the Trump administration’s agenda by announcing his opposition to the nomination of Judy Shelton to the Federal Reserve Board.

Romney’s announcement further imperils Shelton’s already hazardous road to confirmation.

The Hill’s Sylvan Lane and Jordain Carney have more:

“I’m not going to be endorsing Judy’s Shelton’s nomination to the Fed,” Romney, one of Trump’s most vocal GOP critics, told reporters at the Capitol. “I will be voting against her.”

Romney is the first Republican senator to announce his opposition to Shelton, who will also likely be opposed by all 47 members of the Senate Democratic Caucus, so the opposition of three more Republicans would effectively doom her nomination.

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Romney, like several GOP senators, had previously expressed concerns about Shelton’s past support for linking the value of the dollar to gold, along with her inconsistent stances on the Fed interest rates. Romney was also one of four Republican senators who publicly opposed Trump’s plan to nominate Herman Cain to the Fed in 2019, blocking his path to the central bank.

Shelton narrowly won the approval of the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday, which cleared her for a full Senate confirmation vote by a 13-12 margin. Despite earlier doubts about her viability, Shelton won over three GOP Banking Committee members — Sens. Richard Shelby (Ala.), Pat Toomey (Pa.) and John Kennedy (La.) — who had initially been skeptical of supporting her.

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    1. Make a list of traitors to America who claim to be Republicans and conservative. IF you have difficulty figuring out who should be on it, look at CONSERVATIVE REVIEW SCORECARD. It shows the voting record of all of Congress. Some of the worst????? McConnell, Cornyn, Collins, Alexander, Murkowski. They really should be in the Democrat party with the way they vote. And Romney???? At 50% conservative voting record, he is not as bad as others. No, this is about his ego, pride and the fact that HE COULD NOT WIN THE PRESIDENCY.

  1. Romney is as much of a sore loser as mcshame was.
    So why doesn’t he just change parties.
    2 faced wimp.

    1. Yeah, he’s a dumbocrat through and through. Calls himself a Repub, but a skunk by any other name still stinks to high Heaven!

  2. I’am really amazed that Utah lets that idiot stay or at least tell him how to vote. Also to keep his mouth shut.

    1. Utah was blinded by the Romney family good name. I grew up with the Romney’s, wonderful family! However this guy has really upset the Utah voters who are not Trump haters and feel they were lied to. As per my friends who still live in Utah.

      1. Romney had a credible Republican primary opponent in Dr. Kennedy. Romney lied and smeared that Kennedy was pro-polygamy. He was in a primary after the state convention had voted 51%-49% for Kennedy, but the party’s rule is that the convention winner has to get at least 60% to avoid a primary runoff. Romney has been a craven political coward and a disgrace.

  3. Romney makes me rethink my position of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s post birth abortion bill, Romney is my inspiration!

  4. Can’t really expect any patriotism coming from a traitorous rino. Why the people keep voting for this jack a – – is crazy.

  5. The STATE OF UTAH needs to RECALL this WORTHLESS DERANGED LOWLIFE out of Congress ! He has done nothing since come into Office and it looks like he NEVER EVER EVER WILL ! HE, is as WORTHLESS as HATCH was for UTAH . ALL
    Hatch did is in Congress and tried to look OFFICIAL but only ever
    UP looking PRETTY. HATCH and ROMNEY is and was is as WORTHLESS as the DAY is LONG.

    1. I would say worse but I’m a UTAH’s and a DISABLED VETERAN (ARMY) . JUST GET RID OF THIS PARASITE
      UTAH can do BETTER !

    2. He was the reason I voted third party for the first time in my life in 2012. I know I threw my vote away but it was better than voting for either of them!

  6. I have LIVED in UTAH long enough to know the difference between a Republican Representative in
    Congress and a RHINO and a FRAUD that ROMNEY is. I have lived in UTAH for 73 Years and RETIRED ARMY so I have a lot of things having in UTAH that RHINOS and FRAUD have done to UTAH.

    1. Thanks for your service. I’m a 79 y.o. Vet from California. We don’t have rinos; we have strictly asses(democrats).


  8. I will NEVER support Romney again except if he announces he is leaving politics. What a disgrace he has become.

  9. I am sorry, but this Junior so call senator back stabber needs to go. Preferable on one way ticket to never never land.

  10. Why is Romney even considered a Republican? He is one of the primary reasons that I have stopped supporting the National Republican Party. I only give to true conservatives who have proven to me their value in the votes that they make. Romney is just a bitter old man who really does not give a damn about the United Statesl.

  11. I don’t believe I can add anything to what’s already been said except “What a poor excuse for a human being.

  12. Mitt Romney is a George Soros puppet. Romney gets contributions from Soros! Romney is a Communist RHINO Democrat. Likes to call himself a Republican but he lies straight to your face! He is a no good scumbag loser Never Trumper who believes more in Communism promoted by the Communist Democrat Party then the Freedom and Liberty of “We The People”

    In November get rid of all the Communists in our Government!

  13. I believe Romney is having a midlife crisis. He wants to stay relevant and in front of the camera. Marching in black life matter march saying black life’s matter on T V when asked by the journalist. Also being the only person voting for President Trump’s impeachment and endorsing Biden. The bitterness and resentment is so obvious because of his lose to Obama and Trump’s tremendous success.

  14. Is it not obvious who Romney is????? He is a puppet of the elite ONE WORLD ORDER. When he ran for POTUS, he was very careful NOT to expose Obama for the 1. MUSLIM 2 NON citizen 3 communist 4. America hater that OBAMA WAS AND IS. Why? Obama was their guy, put in to massively increase our deficit and allow millions of muslims to invade our country.
    So who is Romney? Certainly NOT the fulfiller of the WHITE STEAD false prophesy of the mormon cult. Certainly not a conservative with his ROMNEYCARE disaster. Yes, he is a puppet of the elite. And HIS claim to being saved eternally is in the mormon belief that they can be baptized by the actions of others after they die. NOT SO. “Do not be deceived. God is NOT mocked……”

  15. Looks like they need to vote Republicans in and these 7 rinos out in the states where the rinos were voted in. Time for TRUMP AGAIN 2020!

  16. Romney should become a democrat ….he needs to come out….everyone knows, he is not a Republican….thank GOD he never became our President…

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