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A high-level Obama-era intelligence official has secured bail for a lawyer the New York City Police Department accused of hurling a molotov cocktail at an unoccupied NYPD cruiser.

Bail was set at $250,000.

Fox News’ Gregg Re reports:

The Washington Free Beacon first reported that Salmah Rizvi, who served in the Defense Department and State Department during the Obama administration, went to bat for Urooj Rahman, who was arrested this weekend alongside Pryor Cashman associate Colinford Mattis.

Rizvi, an associate at the law firm Ropes & Gray, told the court: “Urooj Rahman is my best friend and I am an associate at the law firm Ropes & Gray in Washington, D.C. … I earn $255,000 a year.”

The Free Beacon noted that, according to her biography at the Islamic Scholarship Fund, Rizvi’s “high-value work would often inform the president’s daily briefs.” Rizvi’s biography on Ropes & Gray’s website states that she was an analyst “focusing primarily on sanctioned finance operations.”

Rizvi also received a scholarship supported by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a radical anti-Israel group, and was a fellow at a legal organization that supports boycotting Israel. In 2009, the FBI severed its once-close ties to CAIR amid mounting evidence that the group had links to a support network for Hamas.

Both Rahman and Mattis face up to 20 years behind bars if convicted.

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  1. Your surprised someone connected to Obama would provide monetary support to a terrorist? Come on people, his administration was the most criminal in the history of the USA!

  2. When my grandchildren ask me what Democrats are like I’ll tell them THIS story. This single factual event shows EVERY SINGLE aspect of who, what, how our Country is attacked.

  3. Now you don’t really think these guys are going to stick around for a Trial , Do You ?
    they are probably on their way to Iran or Palestine right now !!!

    1. Their flight to the Middle East is fine with me, but I suspect with a defense attorney from Ropes and Gray they are looking for a LibDEM judge in NY or Washington DC, knowing juries there will not convict them.

  4. Once again, we allow the enemy within our nation. Muslims and CAIR in particular are subversives and are constantly guilty of treason. Obama was a Godless moslem Communist.

  5. So the priorities of these people are those that would kill and maim and not the small business owners who lost their livelihood, the innocent bystanders who are getting beat up by the rioters or the police that are trying to keep peace under very trying circumstances? Sad, sad set of principles.

  6. Obama is a pos so of course those in his administration are the same. How anyone can consider voting for that moron Biden is beyond me after seeing him in action with Obama and that he can’t finish a thought.

  7. And a Michelle Obama surrogate “talks” to the Chico DA and suddenly Jussi Smollett is free!
    It might be good to be king.
    But it’s better being a Democrat!

  8. Birds of a feather flock together and support each other. Obama just may be that/ Was he born or hatched? Is he for Democracy or for the Muslims? After all he gave $ 150 Million dollars of out tax money to the Muslim Brotherhood. He and Biden encouraged everyone to buy Chinese stocks, invest in China, give money to their Virus Lab, etc. When you vote Democrat you vote for anarchy, slavery, high taxes, and debauchery, open borders, etc. Now there are those who want to defund our military. Guess who stopped giving old weapons to the police? Obama and Biden. They preferred giving them tom our enemies. Guess who rearmed the Military, and our police? Trump. Without a police force it will be open season on all law abiding, unarmed, civilians, and their businesses. Fake News, are they for us or against us?

  9. What isn’t clear from the article is whether Rizvi actually posted the $250,000 bail or not. Somehow, I doubt it was posted in cash. Perhaps, a lesser amount was posted. I wonder whether this piece of trash, that is a disgrace to the legal profession shows up in court.

  10. “Salmah Rizvi, who served in the Defense Department and State Department during the Obama administration, went to bat for Urooj Rahman, who was arrested this weekend…”

    I wonder what these two names have in common? And what was Rahman arrested for again…Oh ya, throwing a Molotov cocktail at a police car…right.

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