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Tech wunderkind Elon Musk has had enough of California’s “shelter in place” orders.

On March 23, California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s executive orders essentially shuttered his Telsa plant near San Francisco. Musk’s factory there employs roughly 10,000 workers and produces more than 400,000 vehicles per year. The facility is responsible for manufacturing all of Telsa’s vehicles in North America and Europe.

Yet after being denied the green light to resume operations by Alameda County’s interim public health officer on Friday, Musk threatened to sue the county, whose strict criteria for businesses to reopen take precedent over Newsom’s.

Musk also stated he planned to move Telsa’s headquarters and key operations to either Nevada or Texas. How much of his production remained in California depends on treatment by government officials.

At least one California Democrat appeared unmoved by Musk’s righteous indignation. (Fox News)

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego appeared to be saying something along the lines of “Good riddance” – except she didn’t exactly use those words.

Her message contrasted sharply with those from lawmakers and candidates in Texas and Nevada, where Musk said his company plans to relocate. They seemed pleased with the news that jobs would be coming to their states instead of leaving.

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In Nevada, Dan Rodimer – a retired professional wrestler running for Congress as a Republican – also welcomed the Tesla news.

Erica Pan, the Alameda County health officer, had said Friday that Tesla was working with the county, but the company had not yet been cleared to reopen the Fremont facility, even after California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Thursday that manufacturers would be allowed to resume operations, Reuters reported.

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  1. It’s taking a long time arresting those dictator governors (which is no coincidence they are all Democrats) so, Wow, Elon is showing his patriotism and leaving the Pelosi nephew Gov. Newsom Dictatorship of California.

    1. Patriotism? I don’t know about that, he’s a kook but not stupid, who wants to go broke for the Stalinists, he’s a Capitalist all the way and good for him, 10,000, that’s a lot of jobs and where do you think those people, working people will go where the jobs are and the dead beats will go on the dole but without workers the free money will dry up

      1. The Mexilcan liberals actually hate our capitalistic system. They believe in socialism and therefore can say ” f*ck Musk” and no one cares. So how did they get to be in charge of California? Simple. The Democrats want and desire the illegals to vote. And those criminals want to destroy America. What is going to happen? I suspect we will have a war. And the illegals will have guns (Illegally) and the good patriots will have been disarmed by Newsom. After the war, California will be removed from America by those same communsit Mexicans and will take over. Then they will destroy the state because they have no clue how to govern or make the state prosper.
        God help us all.

    2. Obama destroyed America by indulging those democrats in abusing their power to get filthy rich. And they made sure Americans have to be poor and weak for them to control easily. Without President Trump, America would have fallen in the communist regime.

      1. “Hear Ye’ Hear Ye’ WE MUST DEMAND HANGINGS! The Citizens Of The United States Of America have been subject to undo hurt and misfortune because of the actions of ‘deep state’ conspiratorial actors. We The People have lost finances and monies, planning project timelines and the operations and continuous productions of our products and livelihoods because of these DNC Criminals. The Democratic Party must be disbanned and outlawed just as The BullMoose Party fell to its time and era. WE MUST DEMAND HANGINGS FOR EVERYONE of these seditionists, and Treasonous Politicians, and Federal Employees who believed they were a law above American Constitutional Law. DEMAND HANGINGS NOW!”

        1. You are likely to get jailed with your comments. Want to do something that will work? First accept Jesus as your Savior and become a Christian. Then obey II Chronicles 7:14.

    3. Liberals would shut down the last well in a desert their lives depend on. They don’t need a reason either. They’re damn liberals!

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    1. I frankly, can’t believe you and others like you, dosifev, are allowed to post such frivolous and untrue “ads” on these websites. I would think scams would be censored! 🙁

      1. They don’t censor con jobs, liberals and communists. They only censor patriots, and conservatives. Time to pray. THE FERVENT PRAYER OF A RIGHTEOUS MAN AVAILETH MUCH.

    2. Hey stupid, don’t spend it all, YOU just put yourself on IRS watch list!!! You absolutely must be a demwits!!!!

  3. Decent conservative families and businesses need to LEAVE CA in the rear view mirror. Texas will be glad to have you PROVIDED that you leave your “tax and spend” liberal voting ideas behind. Whatever it costs to move, you will regain that in a state that has much better freedoms and tax laws. JUST SAY NO to CA.

    1. That’s the problem, like termites and rats they bring the same bad habits to their new home as the ones that destroyed the home they abandoned.

      1. You are right we have a lot of them moving here to Nevada and they do bring the libturd ways and vote demoncrat that’s how we got Steve Sisolak. He to is a very corrupt man we do not want him here as our governor he is a piece of shit. Go figure all demoncrats are pieces of shit. And they should all be hung for being tyrants to the United States Of America.

    2. That’s how we feel in FL. NY and NJ’s folks are welcome but please leave your Democrat ways behind. Remember, you left your current state for something better. So bringing it with you is just going to cause you, and the rest of us, the same pain.

  4. The problem is that Musk is a liberal, progressive jackass. And, if his company is now in the San Francisco area those that work for him are probably Democrats, so they will bring their messed up ideas to Texas and continue the ruination of that once great state with moronic Democrat ideas. So, Texas, be careful for what you ask.

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  6. Lorena Gonzalez. F*ck Elon? While I don’t live in California, nor do I know or care anything about Elon. Musk, you not only have a filthy potty mouth, you are equally as ignorant and STUPID to use a four letter demeaning word, that shows your big As.

    Elon should leave California, and let some deserving state and 10,000 employees, notwithstanding, incredible tax revenues there. California and most of its citizens, that include my ex., have a serious A T T I T U D E problem.

    The grass IS greener in Arizona!

    1. Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas. He can move anywhere as long as it is not Democrat controlled.

  7. Since when do unelected “health” officials make enforceable orders/laws? ESPECIALLY since the CDC has been trying to make firearm ownership a “public health hazard” for years; at least back to Slick Willy.

  8. Watching how these Dem governors are trashing our Constitutional rights and telling us what’s essential, like Pot shops over fresh air and sunshine, and how all these DemocRATic politicians are now trying to tell us To ignore Flynn’s framing, everyone should be in line to get a gun, because it looks like you’re going to need it to protect your rights/freedoms. And it’s time to start checking the Dem’s bank accounts to find all that Chinese money! Starting with Calif Dem Gov.

  9. well it always happens,went some dumb democrat has to run his mouth and show how stupid he really is. jojomonkey is a great name for you, it fits your jungle up bringing.

  10. Musk ain’t the only one leaving California. Where I live we see people with California tags moving in every day. Most I have been told are engineers. It’s been my experience that engineers do not run from jobs – they run to them.

  11. Calfifornicators will be in hot water if Musk leaves their state. It is too bad this has to happen. California used to be a very profitable and wonderful place to live. Sorry it has to end this way, but the progressives have taken over and people cannot make a living there anymore. Unfortunately these leavers, who are still progressive in thought, have come to Oregon to corrupt it further. Oregon used to be a Blue/Red State. Now it is a Blue State with very little Red.

  12. Excellent decision Mr Musk, I believe you and you team will be appreciated in either state you choose I have worked in both states and have had the pleasure of knowing some mighty fine folks, being from Wyoming, we have had the honor of the fine folks of WEATHERBY firearms co move to Sheridan Wyoming, so I believe Mr Musk will do you folks right, may the Good Lord take a liken to you

  13. The California Assembly Woman is entitled to her opinion, just as Musk is entitled to his. That said, one is given to wonder as to why he established offices and mfg. facilities in California in the first place?

  14. A do-nothing, know-nothing bureaucrat seems to have lots to say for someone who never reached the level of any competence that Elon Musk has. The sooner Elon moves his operation out of Kali the sooner he’ll be back up and running. I guess if I was Elon what I’d have to say is, F*ck Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego, and enjoy your bankrupt state.

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