The arrest of an Idaho mother at a suburban Boise playground is inspiring elements of the anti-lockdown movement.

Video allegedly depicting Meridian Police officers handcuffing Sara Brady has gone viral. But this isn’t her first run-in with the local media.

Fox News reports:

“Arrest me for being difficult. Do it! Record it!,” she was allegedly heard saying. Police gave her a count of five to leave, according to Boise’s KTVB.

The footage spread like wildfire:

Her arrest prompted about 100 people to demonstrate in front of Meridian City Hall.

The city of Meridian had closed its playgrounds last month to limit the spread of coronavirus, which was previously determined to live up to two to three days on plastics — the material of the playground slide, the station reported.

“Meridian officers made several attempts to help BRADY adhere to the rules,” police said in a statement. “She was non-compliant and forced officers to place her under arrest to resolve the issue. She was arrested for trespassing.”

As mentioned, Brady has made headlines before. In 2017 she removed her son from kindergarten at Ustick Elementary School in Meridian after refusing to provide a reason on her son’s vaccination exemption form. At the time the school district allowed parents or guardians to exempt their child from immunization, but that they list their objections on a written form.

Brady objected, saying she interpreted state law differently. The school district eventually changed its mind; however, Brady asked for a public apology and placed her child in a private school when she didn’t receive one.

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  1. I was raised in a small town in Idaho, Meridian, Nampa, St Maries, Potlach, the cops were all very controlling. It seemed the Barney Phiff singrome came out in them.

    1. Be warned. These are the same cops who will arrest you at the instructions of any elite who grabs control They will confiscate your guns They will break your constitutional rights. WHY? Because they have a desire to CONTROL. When things go bad, you will have to FIGHT THEM.

    2. The dictatorship of local officials, most of who are Democrats, and the cops who are enforcing orders that are NOT laws and are a violation of the constitution.
      The purpose of the quarantine is to destroy the economy. Do you realize that even when the businesses open back up, few people will have money to buy goods and services. The damage is done. And now these cops add insult to injury.
      What do you bet the Prosecutor will have difficulty finding a real law to file the charges with. And only a corrupt liberal judge would find her guilty. Like that federal judge that jailed the County officer for not issuing a marriage licence to perverts even though the law was clear that she did not have to.

  2. This entire COVID-19 pandemic is ALL a complete LOAD of Barbara Striesand (BS)!! As we continue to navigate this “So-Called Pandemic”, we continue to find out more and more, day by day, that the fear is not only unwarranted, but completely senseless!

    Biological Scientists and Medical Doctors alike are beginning to come out with the TRUTH about CV… While it is a real thing, the death threat of the virus itself is in line with the seasonal flu. A recent study out of Santa Clara County, CA revealed exactly that!

    This is a suppressed immune function issue, not a virus issue! People need to boost their immune function by supplementing the ir diet with high lewvels of Vitamin-C, Vitamin-D, Zinc & Quinone… Your NATURAL immune defense will be more than sufficient if you supplement properly!

    Those who are vulnerable (weakened immune systems, such as the elderly or those with other underlying factors such as cancer or hight BP) should take extra precautions without question. But for relatively healthy individuals this “virus” is simply not a threat. The real threat is to the economy if we do not get it re-opened.

    1. Well put, MJB!
      Other immunologists have also come out and exposed this virus, even though it rivals other viruses, for the exaggeration (panic) being brought forth by Fauci, Birx and the MSM’s!

  3. I don’t think they should have arrested her but wonder why she would expose her kids since they haven’t been vaccinated. I would think she would be more concerned since they haven’t had any vaccinations which is dumb. Her kids are the ones that bring all these things back around for all of us to deal with.

    1. First of all, because she thinks this is all nonsense. Secondly because the kids belong to her,,,not the State. Good for her. More people should realize this and take back control of their families.

    2. Lisa,
      I was very confused by you’re comment on vaccinations. If you honestly believe that vaccinations work and you vaccinate your children, what does it matter if another child is not vaccinated? Your children are protected correct?

  4. Stupid people still think they know everything about this virus why are so many people dying go out and find out what it really is you can be a test subject i will stay home until it is clear

      1. and some of US are tired of paying taxes for the gov’t. abuse. Thanks for everything, Abraham Lincoln (and LBJ)

  5. You wonder WHY her kids aren’t vaccinated? YOU are the uneducated one! Tonight watch and find out the truth! The Truth About Vaccines 2020.
    We are all being poisoned through the vaccines! This has been proven, why do they put mercury and aluminum in the vaccines when they know those are dangerous? And also has dead baby fetus in the vaccines! Watch and learn!

    1. Another pathetic anti-vaxer. Many horrible diseases that were the scourges of humanity have been beaten by vaccination programs. Think smallpox, polio, measles, tetnus, whooping cough, the bubonic plague, rabies and a few others. Yes a very small number of folks have had reactions to some of the vaccinations, but some folks have a bad reaction to peanuts. There continue to be a few conspiracy theories about vaccinations, but largely they have been throughly debunked. The one about autisim being caused by vaccinations because there WAS a tiny bit of mercury in them(used a preservative) is just junk. The mercury is gone and the conspiracy theory about it continues to circulate around the Internet. As long as there are ignorant anti-vaxers running around, I doubt that it will ever die.

      1. Pathetic! Crazed! Irresponsible! – Terms thrown by the ignorant.
        Until you honestly do the research please keep your opinions to yourself. There are so many errors in your regurgitated media talking points but I will just start with one: Vaccine programs “beat” down scourges like smallpox etc… start here: In reality infectious diseases declined nearly 90% BEFORE vaccines were introduced. As the father of 10 children – 6 vaccinated and the last 4 un-vaccinated I can tell you of a plethora of health related problems and issues for the vaccinated ones compared to the un-vaxxed. As a certified Mitochondrial Biophysics course graduate, I can tell you a ton about mercury and aluminum and the use of the vague term “autism”. Please tell me how much mercury in a body is “acceptable” according to OHSA? How much is a “tiny” bit that you think is ok? Joe, you have much to learn…

      2. I agree with Jim, you can go on the CDC website and see where vaccines were implemented, and on numerous occasions, the disease has already run it’s cycle and is already on it’s way out. Especially polio, when I hear people say vaccines cured polio this is a complete joke…no lie!

  6. The police state at work. This is a prime example of Gulag style arrests. There is no science to the ‘living’ on plastic BS. The UV from the sun would kill the virus almost immediately.

    No scientific basis at all but then ‘we have the power.’

    While I support most LEO’s a very large number get into LE for the ‘nearly unbridled power’ they can wield completely unopposed until it gets to a court.

    1. She needs to sue the local Gestapo for their shorts. Hopefully she will win a very large award. The US Constitution(First Ammendment) allows us the freedom to assemble, worship, and to speak. NONE of these rights disappear due to a supposed “emergency”. We need to get rid to the laws that supposedly allow the “authorities” do crush our freedoms whenever they declare an “emergency”.

  7. Nazis in action. They are just following orders, the Constitution be damned !

    And yes, even the premise of any threat to America through a disease is bogus, there simply are none which raise any level of threat whatsoever, the mass biology, Constitutional & history ignorance, hysteria and mass sheeple compliance is astounding to have occurring in American (thank you Union Controlled Public Schools). This is nothing more than “insurrection by government” against the people by all level of governments who astoundingly think they have such powers. All of this entire “quarantine & lockdown” is absolutely unlawful and in every way completely unConstitutional, and those participating government scare generating and enforcing types at all levels need to be held accountable, even prosecuted ! This has to end and then be prevented from ever happening again – a Constitutional Amendment to stop this is the only solution because they don’t seem to have the ability to read, understand & adhere to the true meaning of the Constitution as written, it needs to be emphatically stated in an Amendment. Constitutional Article 5 Convention Of States is the only method which will work.

  8. I have mixed feelings about this situation. First. I understand why the woman wanted to take her children outside and let them play. And, I also believe she has he right to do so.
    Second. The city has the authority to close the park because of the danger posed by the coronavirus. They could not allow one person to use the park and forbid others to do so. For her failure to leave the park, when ordered by the police, the woman deserved being removed as she was.
    Third. If the woman had taken her children outside for a walk down a sidewalk and had been arrested for doing so then the city authorities would have been in the wrong.
    Finally. In this instance both sides should mark the incident up to a misunderstanding and let it drop.

  9. What part of park closed did she not understand…im sure there were signs….people you cannot just do what ever the hell you want…use common sense or are you too politically correct to remember what common sense is…

  10. Sue the living dog s*** out of the City, Mayor, PD, Governor and the individual nazi arresting cops. Destruction of rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights has gone way to far. Nothing like this should be allowed to continue. I am retired USAF and served on active duty for 28 years to prevent things like this from happening in our Country!

  11. ..when you’re a panty wearing cop, that’s scared to death of criminals and other gang bangers- you have to go after soft targets to feel tough

  12. Sadly, she made the biggest scene by being arrested. Her children were present, who is taking care of them while she is being hauled off to jail? What do think her poor children are thinking? There are other ways to deal with this rather than making a crazy scene. Does she have a male figure, like a father of these children that is part of her family? Obviously this woman is an activist of sometimes dumb issues. I do not condone the arrest by the police officer, however take heed and follow the rules of city, county and state rules period. if the officer ask you to leave LEAVE GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE OR YOU WILL BE ARRESTED. BY VIEWING THE VIDEO 2X’S THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTED. JUST MY TAKE ON THIS. I AM A MOTHER AND A SINGLE PARENT, I WOULD HAVE DEPARTED IMMEDIATELY. I LIVE IN IDAHO.

    1. What part or parts of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” do you not understand? Billions of people around the world would love to have the rights that God gave us and our Founders codified in our legal structure. Are you so willing just to surrender your rights to a bunch of pseudo-nazis who are “just following orders”? That justification didn’t work for the criminals at the Nuremberg war criminal trials and it most certainly won’t work here either.

  13. They tell half the data. it lives on plastic in ideal controlled lab conditions. expose it to the sunlight and it is very shortlived. Why? ultraviolet light has been used for decades to kill all sorts of bugs. So the intent is to exercise control with misinformation. Who will bring this to the lawyers and allow some hard lawsuits that demand whoever gave the orders be dismissed.———–Grampa

  14. It would seem some people need a much needed lesson in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. After all ‘We still are the People’, and you still are the servants.

    1. Good luck getting them to believe they work for us. They think they are our bosses. Someone above mentioned the cops not doing s–t about anti fa but put a mother in handcuffs. I see it all the time especially in Oregon and Washington.

  15. I love it that a lot of Americans are finally waking up to the tyranny by our elected representatives and unelected Obama/Clinton/Soros Democrat-DEEP STATE Agents.

    Police need to renew their Oath to our Constitution FOR the USA to learn the limitations of their authority to directly govern American Citizens; and, all Parties must treat each other with respect to keep the peace, maintain a civil society. Otherwise…lots more heavy handed police state tactics will be used against Americans until the next unCivil War breaks out.

    The executions for TREASON should include the usurper illegal alien Barack H. Obama aka Barry Soetoro, #1, and #2 George Soros the evil billionaire instigator/funder of the coup!

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