Personally Thank President Trump Today

The final draft of the annual 2020 Worldwide Threat Assessment report from the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) remains classified, and no unclassified version has yet been released. However, according to Time, officials who have read it say it contains pandemic warnings similar to those in last year’s report – published in January 2019.

The 2019 report warned on page 29 that, “The United States will remain vulnerable to the next flu pandemic or large-scale outbreak of a contagious disease that could lead to massive rates of death and disability, severely affect the world economy, strain international resources, and increase calls on the United States for support.”

Last year’s assessment was the third time in three years where the nation’s intelligence experts warned that a new strain of influenza could lead to a pandemic and that the U.S. and the world were unprepared.

ODNI adds, “Although the international community has made tenuous improvements to global health security, these gains may be inadequate to address the challenge of what we anticipate will be more frequent outbreaks of infectious diseases because of rapid unplanned urbanization, prolonged humanitarian crises, human incursion into previously unsettled land, expansion of international travel and trade, and regional climate change.”

The report also warns about regional health dangers, stating that the ongoing crisis in Venezuela has reversed gains in controlling infectious diseases, and increased the risk these diseases could spread to neighboring countries Brazil, Colombia, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Likewise, the ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo—the country’s largest-ever—underscores the risks posed by the nexus of infectious disease outbreaks, violent conflict, and high population density, including large numbers of internally displaced persons (IDPs),” also known as refugees.

The Global Health section of the report concludes, “The growing proximity of humans and animals has increased the risk of disease transmission. The number of outbreaks has increased in part because pathogens originally found in animals have spread to human populations.”

Clearly, as we see with the current Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, both the United States and the international community need to focus much more on global health threats – and the conditions which can lead to them. The next pandemic may be much worse.

Paul Crespo is a defense and national security expert. He served as a Marine Corps officer and as a military attaché with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at US embassies worldwide. He holds degrees from Georgetown, London, and Cambridge Universities. Paul is also CEO of SPECTRE Global Risk, a security advisory firm, and a Contributor to American Defense News.

Personally Thank President Trump Today


  1. If you read this you can clearly hear in this writer’s opinion. “may be… could be…” but never does one hear for the facts are this! without spending millions each and every issue in the world is woe-fully not invested heavly into so much that the billionaires that have nothing to invest in can win any acclamation they so desire! but hat second part is in my opinion.

  2. Another self proclaimed “SECURITY EXPERT” quoting a classified, never released to the public, Fake News Report.

    Security expert at what? Fake Leaks? Go buy some toilet paper like a good comrade should.

    AAN – doing the Fake News Reporting when Yahoo fails

  3. So as I see it, more reason to close our border until people can be vetted and screened for diseases. Just like in the old days on Ellis Island.

    1. Exactly!!.. THIS WAS MY FIRST THOUGHT AS WELL!… Screw all the politics being played concerning border security. There is one undeniable (but anyone with an ounce of intelligence) fact. Tight border security stops infectious diseases! Remember the picture of the knitting needle being used on a small boy at Ellis Island ??? … No?…. look it up and find out why! And here we are 100 years later… thinking we know more than they did? … Fools, you’ll kill us all!

  4. Charles ~ You beat me to the Draw !!! The Article is Fraught with Could’s, Might’s & Maybes.

    WE “Could” be hit by an Asteroid in the next (6) Months ~ But it’s highly Unlikely.

    I’m going back to Sleep now !! “Harold”

  5. Several months ago, I had a vision of a pandemic that reduced the world population by 90%. Whether this coronovirus is the pandemic I saw remains to be seen.

    1. Robert, a vision, really! Ok, so lets all hang our hats on that and start the panic now! Come on man! What are you a witch doctor or a voodoo priest?

  6. The “pandemic” is already peaking. We are being sold a bill of goods by the media. Ordinary precautions during the winter season is enough. Our local stations are wall-to-wall corona this and corona that, all over a few infected people in our state – and by a few I mean a whopping THREE!

  7. A liberal judge just blocked Trumps ban to keep illegal aliens in Mexico to wait for asylum cuz once they come here we never see them in court. He just said Trump must let them in. Sorry, as an American.born Citizen I say NO. CLOSE OUR BORDERS LIKE WE CLOSED THE CHINA BORDER. PRESIDENT TRUMP CLOSED THE CHINA BORDER EARLY N PELOSI CRIED HE WAS A RACIST FOR CLOSING IT SO EARLY I BELIEVE IT WAS JANUARY THEN SOMETIME IN FEB. SHE SCREAMED HE CLOSED IT TOO LATE. This woman can never make up her mind. If we open one border we risk thousands of lives. Keep it closed. Trump probably saved a ton of ppl, he closed the border way before Italy closed there’s n now Italy is sadly on shut down. My prayers for everyone. AMEN ????????

    1. Pelosi has no mind. She is programmed, on a daily basis, by an unknown interloper into our government.

  8. The United States of America government has been ignoring US the people for decades. They sold us to anyone who wanted to come and infect, rape, hack, murder, kidnap, trick, rob, insult, shame, while they destroy our country with our own money. Americans have alot of work to do but we will do it. Trump 2020

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