By U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Donald R. Allen -, Public Domain,

A convicted rapist has now been arrested by US law enforcement after he was found on an evacuation flight originating from Afghanistan that had landed in the United States.

Ghader Heydari, had previously been deported after being convicted of rape.

As The Daily Wire reports:

“When American citizens were having trouble catching flights out of Kabul, Ghader Heydari made it on an Ethiopian Airlines charter flight for evacuees,” The Washington Times’s Stephen Dinan reported. “Border officials flagged the 47-year-old on his arrival at Washington Dulles International Airport. They appear to be the first to have spotted his criminal and immigration history and derailed his entry.”

The report said that Heydari was being held at the Caroline Detention Facility in Bowling Green, Virginia and that it’s not clear how he got on the flight given that it was “unlikely” that he had a Special Immigrant Visa or that he was a refugee.

“That leaves parole, a power the homeland security secretary has to grant admission to the U.S. in exceptional humanitarian cases,” the report said. “Most Afghans evacuated to the U.S. appear to be parolees rather than having official immigration status.”

A senior administration told Dinan last week that evacuees were supposed to be undergoing security screening at transit hubs outside the U.S. before being allowed to enter the country. The report said that either Heydari somehow managed to slip through the cracks of the screening measures or his rape conviction was not enough to keep him off the flight due to the extreme nature of the humanitarian crisis that erupted following Democrat President Joe Biden’s foreign policy decisions in the country.


  1. Convicted Rapist Found Onboard Flight Evacuating Afghan Refugees, Cuomo’s offered to let his stay at his Mansion!

  2. biden has an open line to the Taliban. Tell him to call his buddies and let them know that one of their own is going back, and get him out of American soil.

  3. Thats OK he can just fit in with the rapists coming across the southern border, I mean what’s one more rapist in the country???

  4. He is one of the least of our worries, how many got through that plan to do harm to our country! It is sicking that he got on a flight and we have Americans that did not get out! We must take back the House and Senate in 2022 as well as get rid of these Democratic crazy governors! Pray for our Nation and those left in Afghanistan.

    1. Don’t fool yourself. Americans love this mental midget. After all of his major blunders, his approval rating is still in the mid to high 40s. It challenges the mental capacity of even the lowest life forms on the planet. His next step will be to instigate martial law via executive order in order to force his agenda on all Americans. This man can and WILL do it. Then watch what happens to all of our constitutional freedoms.

    2. Didn’t that last paragraph mention something about… ” most of the Afghanistan evacuees, are PAROLEES!!!.” But of course. Only from a Democrat Admin.

  5. Tragically there are dozens of Afghani men (30-45 y/o) with their child brides (12-15 y/o girls) coming in as well. Our enlightened swamp is just fine with that. It’s a cultural thing…

    1. Its the upcoming agenda that the Democrats / Rino’s & other perverted POS will be pushing on the American people.

  6. Simple, deport him back to Afghanistan. Since US airplanes have no landing rights or permissions there, just “drop him off”. Allah will provide, make sure when he is thrown out the cargo door, he is facing east.. He can sky surf to his desired location.
    It’s the “humanitarian thing to do”… according to Sharia Law…
    It is time to stop playing nice, and start playing by their rules, only meaner.

  7. “Heydari somehow managed to slip through the cracks, Or rape conviction was not enough to keep him off the flight”,…. yeah we see how much Concern Bai-din and his handlers have for America and Americans,…. This happens at the southern border almost Daily, thanks to him and his O’Blamer/Soros administration !

    1. This was ALL planned to happen this way!!! I’ve heard flights from Mexico loaded with “refugees” are being flown into America under the cover of night then “distributed” thru out cities across America. I have family in Pittsburgh & Philadelphia areas …they see more and more “refugee” in the city walking around dressed in expensive clothing using brand NEW smartphones!!! (Government issued is my guess) Gee, can’t imagine why the upsurge in covid is happening just in time for the midterms…Lock downs are coming.

  8. Look our illegal communist masters running this nation illegally do not care about us they want Global communism and our republic’s total enslavement. Their wet dream is after the economic collapse their creating, America joins the Global new world order.

    A few crimes of treason by the illegal government that enslaved us

    Rigged and plotted rigged elections
    open borders on purpose to get millions and millions of undocumented to invade us for welfare at our expense, to change demographics for votes and our planned communist enslavement.
    the collapse of Afghanistan abandoning our people
    arming the Taliban with 85 billion in modern equipment for war
    shoving laws up our fannies to enslave us under Global communism
    removing freedom of speech
    using their power to weaponize their cabinet positions to punish enemies of their illegal communist dictatorship
    finding worthless leftest leaders in the Capital police to create a similar KGB secret police to hunt down enemies of the dictatorship.
    sneaks-placed in charge of our military that like the teacher unions force marxist indoctrination upon those whom cannot oppose.
    We have a choice, accept membership in the global communist dictatorship, or arrest and punish those who did this to our republic millions suffered or died to protect in wars.
    we will be a free people once again, or we must peacefully fight for honest and fair elections the democrats took away from us, for global communism through the new green deal.
    elections are rigged and republicans did nothing to fix this fact, so those illegally in charge have powers similar to other similar communist dictatorships they copied through using rigged elections, propaganda news and entertainment..
    The American people are starting to realize the pure evil that did this to us. One the most evilest governments on earth, enslaved a once e free people.

  9. If we are going to let these people into our country, we better screen them up one side and down the other. I know we may not find anything right away, but we better have a way to monitor them.

  10. We need to send Biden and his crew to Afghanistan and leave them their ,he and Kamala can run for President and Nancy and Chuckie can run for Sec.of state and Trash collection.

  11. Old Joe Biden, the inventor of the crisis carom-where the crisis you are currently experiencing is going to lead directly to your next crisis. For an organization which lives by the motto, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”, Joe is an absolute God send. Joe has made approximately ten changes to our country and so far this has generated almost two dozen crises. And, I just read an article which projected that if a Trump/Biden election were to be held tomorrow, Trump would narrowly win (I guess a lot of Americans love a good crisis, too).

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