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President Joe Biden has now reportedly finally received a long-sought intelligence report detailing what could potentially be the true origins of Covid-19.

As MSN reports:

President Biden on Tuesday received a classified report from the intelligence community that was inconclusive about the origins of the novel coronavirus, including whether the pathogen jumped from an animal to a human as part of a natural process, or escaped from a lab in central China, according to two U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

According to an unnamed source, the intelligence community has still not come to a full consensus, however:

The assessment is the result of a 90-day sprint after Biden tasked his intelligence agencies in May to produce a report “that could bring us closer to a definitive conclusion” on the origins of a virus that has killed more than 4 million people globally and wrecked national economies. But despite analyzing a raft of existing intelligence and searching for new clues, intelligence officials fell short of a consensus, said the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the report is not yet public.

The debate over the virus’s origins has become increasingly rancorous since former president Donald Trump said last year that the virus originated in a Chinese lab. Efforts to understand the virus’s provenance have been complicated by Chinese authorities’ steadfast refusal to allow a more intensive inquiry by international investigators.

Biden’s directive came after he received a May report from the agencies saying that they had “coalesced around two likely scenarios” but had not reached a conclusion. He disclosed that two agencies leaned toward the hypothesis that the virus emerged from human contact with an infected animal, while a third leaned toward the lab accident scenario.

The report, or parts of it, could potentially become declassified within the coming days.


    1. yes it is a bioweapon released and in fact made to do what it is doing. That is cause fear, promote division, promote control, and maynot be as deadly as advertised, in fact most probably isn’t

  1. So it is CERTAIN that the origin was China. China had the warning first!. China should have quarantined! China did not quarantine! President TRUMP did the stop of flights from China to the USA. Hey, Biden (CATHOLIC TRAITOR) was first on the band wagon to say that there was ‘NO PROBLEM’~!!!!. Robert Gates, Defense Secretary to the Administrations of both George W Bush and Barack Obama, said in his memoirs that Biden had been on the wrong side of every national security issue of the past 20 years. I agree very much with what my noble friend Lord Hammond—who I worked under as Minister for the Armed Forces—said on this point. The humiliation and disaster of the West is appalling. The West is seen as an unreliable ally.”

    1. Well Biden knew there was very little problem because the actual coronavirus only has a 0.02% mortality rate compared to the common flu’s 3% to6% mortality rate! the Demo RATS all knew this because 90% of them funded the research! They lied to Trump about it and acted as if it were a new black plague of death to try to get him to mess up, then China helped buy out the media to continue with the outlandish levels of hype of death tolls and test positives! With a 0.02% mortality rate you are actually twice as likely to be struck and killed by lightening as to die of coronavirus!!! They used the lies and hype from the media to pull off the largest scale election fraud in election history!

  2. Just like the Democrats all across this nation, if china had nothing to hide, they would gladly open up their labs for an investigation to clear their name if they weren’t guilty.

    1. Sorry to have to ride on the back of your comment (which is a good one) but I have twice tried
      to post this and it does not appear:

      .Keep an eye on the two groups that maintain that covit19 jumped from
      animal to human naturally. They are obviously Chinese Communist sympathizers!

    2. Alfred E. Newman (‘What, me worry?’) said back in the late 1960’s” If Communism is such a great success, instead of an iron curtain, why don’t they put up a picture window?’

  3. we know the truth, and would we expect that lying dog faced pony soldier who is incapable of telling the truth to suppress the truth anyway

  4. Why would you brief this POS on anything? He does not have the brain to comprehend simple English. It is unbelievable that you put a complete idiot at the helm of the most important position in the world.

  5. Keep an eye on the two groups that maintain that covit19 jumped from
    animal to human naturally. They are obviously Chinese Communist sympathizers.

  6. .Keep an eye on the two groups that maintain that covit19 jumped from
    animal to human naturally. They are obviously Chinese Communist sympathizers.

    1. I said the same from Day1! How many Chinos died?? No answer! Probably None! They had the CURE Before they Released the Plague on the World!

      1. AGREE!!! Question is how the heck do we get rid of all the fear that’s been instilled in so many people world wide?

  7. Biden’s have been bought and paid fo by China, there will be no objective China review while Biden remains in the White House. Biden has set all his departments up to protect Hunter and both their involvedment with China.

    1. With all of ‘Tha’ Hunta’s’ B/S, It amazes me that he’s” still around”! He’s crossed some powerful folks!

      1. globalists and all their puppets appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

    2. 👌 SPOT ON!, Charles. Of THAT there is a virtual library full of Proof. CAN’T think of a more Diabolical Duo than O bad a and Beijing Biden.
      NOT POSSIBLE! EVIL to the core…. as are Most Demonrats. This country either CATCHES ON
      or All the Generation X’ers will be speaking Chinese from their Retirement gulags.

  8. Origins of the disease. We can’t point the finger at ourselves. When started there was a story on the origins that had long since been scrubbed because it didn’t fit the narrative. The markers which is the virus fingerprint trace to a 2009 University of North Carolina. It is no coincidence that a good friend of Fauci is there and who has been doing gain of function research through the Wuhan Lab that was funded by DOD and NIH grants. So even though the disease leaked or was purposely leak to control the election remains to be seen. The United States is not totally innocent in all this so the truth will have to remain hidden.

    1. The US funded it. China developed it, and Farcey is neck deep IN IT! Any “reports” will be heavily skewed to release China of all responsibility, you can COUNT on that!

    2. globalists created their coronavirus scam in a lab in chapel terrace, nc and in 2014 globalist puppet barry soeotoro sold it to china and the day before china released it globalists had a coronavirus training exercise in demonrat criminal party run/ruined ny city .

    1. The US intelligence, the NY Slimes, WAPO and the AP, among others, google Fakebook… All willing and able to shut down any narrative negative of China!

    2. Wrong, globalists have 90%+ of the worlds money and all the scum are greedy to accept their bribes to preach globalist agendas .

    3. ANYbody in a “Power” position IS, or they WOULDN’T BE IN their position of Power.
      HELLUVA situation.
      THANK YOU, Crooked Politicians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This is a bunch of bull. We all know it is chemical warfare and I’m sticking to my knowledge. They hated Trump so much they were ready to do anything to cause trouble. That they did. It’s continuing its threat because now they have the poison jab which is more of the warfare. People open your eyes. They will lie to God if he were in front of them. That’s how evil they are.

      1. MOST of them don’t hate America, they just like MONEY to a VERY Sick degree and will do most ANYTHING to get it, INCLUDING doing damage to their own country. They aren’t even smart enough to know HOW MUCH damage they’re doing to us. And because they are Crooked PIGS, they wouldn’t really care as long as they get the MONEY.

  10. Is there anybody that thinks that if the facts showed a 99.9% chance that this virus originated in a lab, that the political spin from the left would be anything other than to say the results were inconclusive?

    1. Haaa! Ain’t it the Truth! ‘Nough t’ make ya’ 🤮
      When it comes to ANY “reporting” we Now get,
      ya’ better do a LOT o’ soul searching and have yer’ INSTINCTS at their A+ Game level and REALIZE….. you’re On yer’ Own, folks.,

      1. globalists are sooooooooooooooooo easy to figure out, all you need to do is listen to their bs and realize that the truth is 100% opposite of the bs they just tried to sell you .

  11. globalists created the coronavirus in a lad in chapel terrace, nc and in 2014 globalist puppet barry soetoro and his husband big MIKE sold the coronavirus to china and the day before china released the coronavirus globalists had their coronavirus emergency training in demonrat criminal party run/ruined ny city . . . . .

  12. LISTEN UP…IF COVID 19 Came from a WET MARKET….it Would Have POPPED UP in the SCENE YRS AGO. THIS VIRUS is MUTATING….TAMPERED With. GOD Says …IT Came from the WUHAN LAB. I STAND By GOD’S WORD. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  13. What a bunch of dumb dodos to come up with that conclusion!!! Guess Biddyboy’s “Intelligence”(and I say that lightly) crew has the smarts of a 4th grader!! That goes along with the intelligence of their boss biddyboy!

    Those two conclusions were EXACTLY what was discovered and debated when the virus broke out! DUH! You Intelligence guys are real “geniuses”!

    FYI: Here is some info the Intel Crew might consider:
    1). The Virus ESCAPED THE Wuhan Virology Lab on a worker because that lab was known for “POOR SAFETY PROTOCOLS”!
    2). Then the worker went to the Wuhan Outdoor Market (the biggest in China) and infected food/animals.
    3). Once in the Market, the VIRUS spread like wildfire with Chinese taking it back to their villages and homes!
    5). There are massive graves outside of many villages where the dead infected Chinese were thrown, burned, and buried! Xi did not want the World to know how many Chinese were infected and died, so he buried them in huge dug up pits outside villages!
    INTEL CREW: this is where you start your investigation, then work backwards to its Source!
    WOW: Where does the Incompetency stop?!

    Time to Court Martial Joe Biden and remove him and his EXTREMELY LAME ADMINISTRATION FROM D.C….NOW! NOTHING, FROM BIDEN DOWN, IS COMPETENT OR INTELLIGENT! Just a bunch of “USERS” and “ABUSERS”!

  14. Rather than dwell on the origins of this supposed killer flu, we might ponder how fortuitously the epidemic commenced during an election cycle.

    1. Aaaaaaaalll BY PERFECT DESIGN. ABSOLUTE NO BRAINER. China is BY FAR the BIGGEST Trump Hater in the World. He was the ONE politician who Wouldn’t sell out to them AND was busy DAILY calling them OUT, so of COURSE they “had to” get rid of him. We are in one HELLuva situation. Literally.


  16. So, after all this time and money has been spent in an effort to find the “truth” regarding the origin of the SARS-CoV-2, the amadans in Washington still don’t know–or do they and they just don’t want to reveal the actual truth because it doesn’t jibe with their preferred agenda which
    is–“Whatever you do, don’t blame the Chinese Communist Party and those in the USA who funded the research”. If you know where the evidence lies, it’s not that hard to find. The Biden* administration and their medical demigods, like Fauci, just don’t want the truth revealed because it will destroy their ultimate goal of gaining absolute control over the lives of the entire population. And they need that “absolute control” to completely transform this country into a socialist regime which will result in the We, the People, being enslaved to the “Socialist States of America.” C’mon, folks, is this really what you want for the future of your children and grandchildren. Don’t we owe it to future generations to stop this madness by refusing to comply?

    1. Refuse to Comply to WHAT? You think NOT having the vaccine does Any good? Does THAT damage their Power___ their Control? HELL NO!
      Any SUGGESTIONS when the MAJORITY of this terminally ill country doesn’t even ‘Get It’?!!!!!!

  17. Fauci and his one world government friends funded the gain of function research that created COVID 19. That allowed the dumbocrats to setup the cheating mail in ballots that allowed hiding Biden to win. That way the Democrats could setup federalize the elections and one world government.

    That is my opinion of what is going on.

  18. We knew all this years ago? Time for the imposter administration to be permanently removed. They’ve caused enough damage.

  19. Yeah that’s why the Chinese locked down the city of Wuhan and would not let anybody leave or enter. China lies and people die, communist democrat cult party repeats the lies and people die!
    Remove all communist democrat cult party members from all offices and save America!

  20. Contagious CV19 Chinese Virus – a bioweapon intended and achieved fear and economic devastation, world-wide. The question is ‘WHY’? Destruction from the unknown cannot be overcome. Destruction from within will cause people to turn against each other, (evident today – those for and against vaccinations). A truism – there is ‘strength in numbers’. The best weapon of war is an unseen weapon. Cause dissent among neighbors, friends and family. Continue to believe lies from those who are prospering and spurting fear and control, and before you know what has happened you are now part of the problem, and in so doing you are under their control. Along with CRT, BLM Rioting, Woke Brainwashing, Anti-Policing, Incompetent Government, Illegal Immigration – Fear and Economic Devastation is inevitable. Wake up, stop the insanity – we can overcome if we say no-more, and stand together!

  21. Joe B is not capable of being president of the USA. Shame on all those who forced him in there. Surely an ill-gotten presidency.

  22. What a crock of shit, everyone knows it came from Communist China and Fauci helped them with it as gain of function. Senator Rand Paul is 100% right and Fauci must be tried as a mass murderer.

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