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The Taliban easily captured a key provincial capital on Friday while at almost the same time they managed to assassinate a key government official.

As Axios reports:

The Taliban captured the city of Zaranj, the capital of Nimruz province in southwest Afghanistan, government officials announced Friday, according to the New York Times.

Why it matters: Zaranj, which has at least 50,000 residents, is the first provincial capital to fall under Taliban control since President Biden announced a military withdrawal from Afghanistan, which has coincided with large territorial gains by the insurgent group and a sharp uptick in violence.

The big picture: The Taliban also assassinated the director of Afghanistan’s government media and information center on Friday in the capital of Kabul, the latest in a series of attacks against government officials.

In recent days the Taliban have also moved in on other important cities like Lashkar Gar. US intelligence assessments have warned that the US-backed government in Kabul could fall in as little as six months.


      1. Nothing is being reported since this senile invader set foot in the WH. After all his gaffes and unconstitutional decisions and laws all they could concentrate on was who wore the beige suit the best? OBUMMER or joe?
        The media is completely in the tank for this administration and they’re not hiding it.
        True enemies of the people!

    1. I doubt that. In any case, we should strive to distance ourselves from these foreign entanglements. The reason people in those countries dislike America is because we’ve been finagling their political processes, and these shenanigans are not going to benefit rank and file Americans. What our government is doing to those people in our name is shameful. Let them hash out their differences, and focus our government functions on our sovereignty, energy independence, border security and economic prosperity.

      1. Very succinct and Eloquent, David. You are Obviously educated….. Now get out of the ‘70’s. The World has been FLAT for a Looong time now. EVERYTHING is Global. As Mr. Hemingway put it, “ask not for whom the bell tolls…. it tolls for thee.” EVERYTHING that happens ANYWHERE in the World…. affects EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD.

  1. Taliban will be 100% in control before end of 2021. Remember Vietnam after US left ? Comes as no surprise. …..

    1. joey helped that become a reality when he voted to stop the US Air Force’s support of ARVN units… the ARVN pushed 250,000+ attackers out in 73, but in 74 the coward democrat KKK scum bags like criminal jo trashed out allies and schitt on the men and women from many countries that fought and died there… joey was doing the ccp’s bidding even that long ago ..

    2. Absolutely my thoughts exactly . There is no agreement with the taliban only a stall on their part and stupidity on the US and Afghan part . Why after all these years of training can’t a froce strong enough to contain and defeat the taliban be fielded .

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  3. The dumbest, brain dead, banana pudding between his ears, Democrap occupant of the White House ever: sleepy Joe Biden!

  4. Good job Joke O’Biden. Ship the Taliban some pallets of ta payer money and ask them to behave. If you don’t behave my adminstration is going to say bad things about you.

    1. Quite SOMETHING, isn’t it ALL?!!!
      We Certainly wouldn’t want to Offend anybody, now Would we?!
      “Oh, they’re BAD and EVIL and want to KILL ALL OTHER HUMAN BEINGS? Noooooo, THAT can’t be. Let’s just try to reason and get along with them.” 😂 Liberals are SO Pathetic

        1. The Demonrat Party TODAY.
          The Ultimate Confederacy of Dunces, the equal of which has Never been seen. At least not in This country.
          The Clintons
          MAXINE WATERS 😂 Sorry, just HAD to mention the totally Inconsequential Evil IDIOT for the sake of Clarity. “Quite Possibly” the Most EVIL, STUPIDEST piece o’ shit on the planet.
          The roll call just goes On and On and On.
          You name the Demonrat, they’ll fit RIGHT IN to the list. An American Tragedy.

  5. No one is surprised at this news. The entire Afghan government was about enriching themselves. Many of the Afghan leaders were in cahoots with the terrorist and still are to this day. I’m sure that a lot of the money the US paid to these government official’s also went to terrorist organizations to help kill American military members. Let the chips fall where they may and let the terrorist know if they attack us again, we will will annihilate the entire country from the air. No regard to who is in the country or what countries try to shield them. We have had enough and will not expend another American life for these worthless sand lot.

  6. WTG Democrats! You shriek freedom and rights then sell out people after people, nation after nation to Islam and Communism that DESTROY freedom and rights.

    Oh yeah! Keep voting Democrat and your Communist Party Bosses can send the local Imam around to preach to you soon. Get a prayer rug now to avoid the rush, morons!

  7. I sincerely hope Bolshevik Biden (or his handlers) have the integrity to withdraw the remaining American troops from that Armpit of the World before they’re trapped there.
    Otherwise, they’ll be ransomed by the Taliban for money to finance more terrorism.

  8. Exactly what did you think would happen when we pulled out? Biden is a moron, or would it be more correct to say that his handlers are morons? Biden can’t walk and talk at the same time!

    1. They are NOT morons, Bob. Just Total SICKOs. They know EXACTLY What they are Doing.

      1. Yes, and they will be partners…. Comrades, if you will…. and share ALL with the Other crooked “leaders” in the NWO.

  9. This is indeed say. But the internal affairs of another country are NOT our business UNLESS we are directly affected. Not the case here yet. If something similar happened in the US, what country would come to our “aid”? The answer – NONE. As it should be.

  10. The Afghan population should be fully armed, and defend themselves from the Taliban, give everyone a rifle and 300 amo, case closed.

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