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As I previously wrote, Iran just completed several days of live fire drills in the Strait of Hormuz, where the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGC-N) attacked and “destroyed” its fake 2/3 scale replica of a U.S. aircraft carrier. Intended more as a target of propaganda for Iran’s “fearsome” capabilities, the modified barge is not supposed to be sunk but instead refurbished and reused for future drills.

However, in another embarrassment to the regime, while towing the target barge/dummy carrier back to port at Bandar Abbas, it apparently sank accidentally (RELATED: Info Wars – U.S. Navy Mocks Iran as ‘Experts’ at Making a Dummy Aircraft Carrier). And, to add insult to injury, as Forbes reported, it sank “in very much the wrong place.”

The location of the dummy carrier’s sinking, Forbes explained, just outside the harbor entrance to Bandar Abbas, near to the main approach channel, “will likely create a serious headache for the Iranian Navy and IRGC-N.”

According to a tweet from Aurora Intel:

Forbes describes the commercial satellite photo in more detail:

The image is taken from above, and shows that the carrier is listing at about 90 degrees. The starboard (right-hand) side is facing upwards. As you look at the image, the carrier was heading from right to left of the image when it succumbed to the waves.

At 45 feet of depth, the water there is too shallow for Iran to simply leave it to submerge since ships sailing over it face a real danger, notes Forbes. And, as the satellite images from a couple of days ago show, part of the wreck was still partly above water. This is a serious shipping hazard and the Iranians must salvage it.

But, as Forbes notes, “the effort required, and time, will strain Iranian resources. Although Iran has recovered vessels and aircraft from the sea, it does not appear to have a serious salvage capability to call on. This may be why it appears abandoned in the satellite imagery.”

Last year Iran did recover substantial parts of the U.S. Navy Global Hawk drone it shot down, but it was more likely salvaged from floating debris. Regardless, Forbes adds, recovering a small drone is one thing, “dismantling a sunken [fake] aircraft carrier is another.”

Let’s see what Iran does about this latest embarrassment.


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    1. The Navy recruiter told my dad that when he joined the Navy that he might get sent somewhere there there are folks shooting at him. Dad asked, “Can I shoot back?” The recruiter said, “Hell yes. We load ’em, you shoot ’em. Your skipper will insist on it.” “Where’s my train to basic training?”

  1. Maybe we should send this fellow over to Iran to “Help”?
    “An enterprising christian demolition expert has created a booming business in the Middle East. He’s selling IED’s disguised as prayer rugs. He says Prophets are going through the roof.”

  2. Iran has already wasted so much of their limited resources by building into the design if the New Iranian Navy glass bottoms so they can have a nice view of the Old Iranian Navy. With this development, all they need to do is pass around a pair of binoculars to see their “clone” of a U. S. Naval carrier.

  3. “Allah will guide the IRGC-N and tankers around the American wreck.”

    Heard amongst the Supreme Council of Iran.

  4. If Iran exhibits this same level of technical expertise in its development of a nuclear weapon, Iran will certainly blow up its own country. Iran’s Mullahs will blame another country, but there is significant evidence that Iran is uniquely incompetent.

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