Photo edit of Elon Musk. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Photo edit of Elon Musk. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

Suspense is growing as Twitter is attempting to break down “thousands of documents” pertaining to the Hunter Biden story and its cover-up by the previous Twitter staff in 2020. The story has been expected to break sometime this week, and so far only small bits of information about overall Twitter censorship has been released. We will update the story when all the necessary information is able to be reported.

Musk tweeted Monday that the files “on free speech suppression” would soon be published on Twitter.

Monday, Musk Tweeted his initial statement regarding the release of the files pertaining to the suppression of free speech:


  1. Government collusion with Big Tech to suppress Its Amendment Rights is against the law, a crime. Will there be any accountability, responsibility? If the entire Justice Dept takes a pass, what is the process to prosecute people that broke laws?

    1. The biden justice department is so corrupt it smells worse than a fully loaded outhouse. Thank God Merrick Garland never made it to the supreme court. (The supreme court hasn’t had any credibility since Roberts became chief justice.) Garland needs to have his licenses and credentials to practice law revoked and stripped permanently, along with his “hitmen” harassing President Trump and others. The Jan 6 committee…what a waste of taxpayer money but considering the jungle is running that committee, no surprise.

  2. There’s a name for a political system in which the government employs private business to carry out their agenda. It’s the one that a want-to-be artist used with Krupp and Volkswagen. I think it starts with an “F.”

    1. Philip, approval of messages on a public forum prior to posting is also a form of the “F” you mention in your post….

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  4. The democrats said they would cheat, Joe Biden right on camera saying he has the biggest fraud organization for winning the election. He was put in office by others countries and rich elites who hated President Trump because he made them carry their weight not America. They want Americans taxes for their countries but nothing in return for America. But the uneducated fools don’t understand anything how America comes first not freeloader nations with their hands out! Has one country ever helped America ? No! They turn their backs on America.

  5. Let’s just hope there isn’t a bad motor vehicle accident, or Elon decides to hang himself while releasing these files to the public. You know how those Clinton’s can be when information about Hillary’s emails is about to be released. I hope Elon is paying for good personal security he can sure well afford it. Elon Musk is the savior of free speech in American and thank goodness the richest man in the World is of Honesty and Integrity. If you are ever in North Carolina and need a bed to sleep in I have a spare bed room and bathroon at your disposal.

  6. Now all of America, and the world know that the 2020 election was stolen, by the fbi,cia,doj,big tech,media and zuckerburg, so we have a phony,fake president sitting in the white house deatroying our country.Joe needs to go.

  7. Your header mentions “hilarity”. I find nothing humorous about it now the proof of what we assumed all along, is out. I will be in the humor mode when every one of the perps do a perp-walk in prison orange.

  8. The American people who are truly Americans know the truth and have known all along. It isn’t what you know but who you know in this world,

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