Photo edit of Donald Trump and George Soros. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Donald Trump and George Soros. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

The indictment of President Trump has become a daily watch topic. With daily claims over the “looming indictment” yet no further actions being taken – many are left questioning the entire situation. Indicting Trump, the grand jury, and the process for the indictment and charges – we’re diving into it all here.

What are the details about the grand jury?
Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is investigating claims that President Trump paid so-called “hush money” to adult film actress Stormy Daniels in 2016. Though potentially the most important detail of the court case right now is that prosecutors and the grand jury are still listening to witness testimony in the case. Like any other jury, this grand jury is in the process of hearing the case before going into deliberation.  When they go into deliberation they will have a list of potential charges provided by the presiding judge to determine what they will charge the President with. An indictment, which Bragg is saying is on the charging list would require 12 of the 23 jurors to vote yes in order to actually indict Trump. Though this clearly is a process – still very much ongoing and not at a charging stage just yet.

Arrest That Man — Crime to Follow!

What happens after the jury makes its decisions?
The grand jury will record their votes on a form that will then be signed and taken by someone at the district attorney’s office to go to either the clerk’s office or the office of the judge. Once it reaches either of these offices it will be placed in an envelope, sealed, and stamped by a clerk. Once the vote, also known as the indictment, is stamped the judge’s office will notify Trump’s attorney and they will then be able to make the indictment note, the contents of the sealed envelope, public.

Anti-Trump hush-money case has more holes than Doral golf course

What happens after?
After Trump and his legal team are notified of the results of the DA’s investigation, he can travel to Manhattan to be arraigned. While there were talks of his arraignment taking place online, via a Zoom-like experience, that may not end up being what happens. He also will not have a specific deadline to turn himself in.

What might Trump’s arraignment look like?
Once Trump lands in Manhattan he would report to the District Attorney’s office where he would most likely have his fingerprints and mugshot taken, and provide the office with a DNA swab. Though at this time it is still unclear how Secret Service would secure the office or the surrounding areas for this to occur (which is where the idea of the online arraignment came in).

NY Grand Jury Pushes Decision To Next Week

Trump’s reactions
Most recently Trump held a rally in Waco, Texas this weekend – Saturday – where he repeatedly insisted that he was not upset by the expected criminal charges that could arise in Bragg’s case. He had expected to be arrested at multiple points last week, though the jury is still hearing the case.

We will see what happens this week, though it is important to note that the jury may decide not to indict or charge Trump. However, the majority opinion – even amongst Trump and his team – feel an indictment is imminent.


  1. It’s time to check out the Biben’s scandal and uncover up what’s being covered up by biased liberal news media. Americans want the freedoms that President Trump promoted and not world government that the liberals are pushing. We need to promote God’s values which our forefathers stood for and President Trump promoted.

  2. this entire debacle is about Trump running for President. It is hard to see anything else About the way they are treating him. It looks like, get him at any costs. The woman even admitted herself the entire thing was false and it was money paid by Trumps lawyer. He did not use campaign funds and if he did or did not do what they claim, that is not a crime and It is none of there business what he does with his personal life. If they indict him it would be the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on a President. stop this charade or this will all be a big fat lie

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