Two people, Amet Ramon Maqueria de la Cal and Rosalia Leonard Garcia, were arrested in Tampa Florida in connection to a human trafficking case that began in Cuba. The two suspects were part of an alleged plot where women were charged $60,000 to be transported from Cuba, though once they were transported they were told they had to work to pay their debts. Multiple women ranging from 18 to 24, were forced to work as strippers and prostitutes, only being able to leave the room they were kept in to perform their “jobs”. The women were rescued just last week in a Tampa mall.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister said Monday at a press conference that:

“They were forced to work in various adult entertainment clubs in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties and never allowed to leave the home without an escort.”

After the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office received a tip that led them to the operation they were able to use video surveillance footage to take seven women into custody. Afterward, the women were able to lead police to the eighth woman and the alleged captors. The women are currently in a safe place while federal authorities make the decision on if the women will be deported or if they get to remain in the U.S.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has said this is the worst trafficking case she had seen.

To follow the case, check out Fox News.


  1. This crime is everywhere… don’t think that it’s limited to certain areas. The biden administration is at fault, because with the border being open like it is, the criminals are coming in like they were invited.
    Let’s vote the democrats out of office, and let’s fix this mess, which could take years.

  2. The women should be deported. They INTENTIONALLY broke our immigration laws and brought this on themselves. Because they chose the wrong “coyote” to help them criminally they don’t deserve amnesty. Terrible what happened but it is their own fault. Come through the front door.

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