Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot visits the COVID19 Alternate Care Facility at McCormick Place in Chicago April 1. 500 patient beds were completed within five days. The Army Corps of Engineers, Chicago District, in support of FEMA, the White House, Department of Defense and the state, are currently constructing approximately 4000 COVID19 patient rooms at four ACFs within the state of Illinois.

One 3-year-old child was fatally shot, and a 7-year-old, who was walking to church at the time, was non-fatally shot in the leg. Overall, 34 people were shot as Chicago continues to not look like a first-world city.

“We’ve seen children shot across this city in ridiculous numbers… When did we become a society where we stop caring about the children?”, said Chicago Police Deputy Chief Larry Snelling. Well, it doesn’t take much investigation to see who’s enabling the lack of rhetoric surrounding countless murders every year in Chicago – Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who regularly downplays her city’s absurdly high crime rates. Those who call out children being murdered are racist, or, simply just can’t fathom how crime and crime statistics work.

Well, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that Chicago is not only extremely dangerous, but, year-to-year it remarkably gets more dangerous. It’s no wonder why Chicago has gotten its nickname of “Chiraq” – Chicago has been as dangerous as a third-world country for years.

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Among the children shot and killed this weekend was 3-year-old Mateo Zastro, who was riding in a car with his mom and three siblings when gun shots struck him during a suspected road rage incident at about 8:30 on Friday night. 

“That mother is still grieving. All she’s doing is clutching onto two dinosaurs, and this was the baby’s favorite toy,” community activist Andrew Holmes told WLS.

Another child, an unidentified 7-year-old, was shot in the leg while heading to church on Sunday with his family. A family member saw a person going through his parked car and confronted him before the suspect fired a gun in the family’s direction, according to WLS. The boy is expected to recover, according to local reports, and the suspect was apprehended. 

As of Monday morning, police say 34 people were shot across the city this weekend, including five fatally, according to WLS. 

Calling out Chicago’s leadership that enables murderers and criminals isn’t racist, and doesn’t take an expert to analyze. Children don’t deserve to be shot while walking and playing outside and parents don’t deserve to have their children or spouses killed. Chicago has a crime issue, and it’s only getting worse. Until measures are taken, similar to what New York City did in the 1990s with Stop and Frisk laws, people will continue to be killed by the dozens every week.

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