Photo edit of Karine Jean-Pierre. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta
Photo edit of Karine Jean-Pierre. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta

After the U.S. military shot down a total of three UFOs – the debris may be unable to be recovered

The U.S. military shot down a total of three UFOs, one over Alaska on Friday, one over Canada on Saturday, and a third over Lake Huron on Sunday. Currently, information surrounding the UFOs or where these aircrafts came from is currently unknown.

Unfortunately for those seeking answers, these answers may not be coming any time soon, as multiple officials have come out and made statements about the difficulty of recovering the debris from the UFOs.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters on Monday:

“I think it’s important to remind: the objects in Alaska and Canada are in pretty remote terrain — ice, wilderness, all of that — making it difficult to find them in winter weather… And the object over Lake Huron now lies in what is probably very deep water.”

However, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre would be able to provide a small glimpse of information, adding:

“[There was] no indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity.”

Answers surrounding the UFOs, or even where they originated from, may be unable to ever be answered. Unless the near-impossible task of removing their debris is accomplished, officials will be left to only speculate on possible answers surrounding the UFOs.

As a senior Biden administration official told CNN on Tuesday morning:

“If it can’t be recovered, it’s going to be extremely difficult to say with great certainty what these things were.”


  1. The fake pResident and his feckless mis-administration are lying their asses off. I believe it’s all a diversion that they created to keep eyes off their criminal doings. These folks hate this country and you along with it.

  2. globalists and their demonrat criminal party and all their CRIMINAL agencies will make sure once they find it that they destroy all the evidence so that it is never found again .

  3. Every time globalist puppet kjp opens HIS mouth he lies, HE learned from globalist puppet, chester biden to tell a lie everytime HE opens HIS mouth .

  4. Nothing but lies from biden. He couldn’t shoot down his buddy’s spy balloon and looked like an imbecile. Now trigger happy joe is shooting at anything in the sky. But no debris to find.
    Who wonders if this is really happening? The dems are trying to make joe look competent & we all know he’s no where near that. Just more smoke & mirrors & lies from the biden circus.

  5. The Biden Administration is so weak they even admit it. Basically, what they are telling us is that our country is being surveilled deeply and extensively and they have no idea who is doing it, how, or how much intelligence they have collected. Then to put a cherry on top they are telling us we shouldn’t expect that to change.

  6. It’s all a lie. None of the 3 “objects” exist. It’s all a contrived story from Joe’s lie machine to provide distraction from Joe allowing his handlers in China to fly right over our most strategic sites. Joe gotta go.

  7. That’s odd. You’d think there would be plenty of surplus Hollywood props from recent sci-fi movies to fill the demand for “proof”.

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