Photo edit of AOC in front of Congressional Chambers. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III
Photo edit of AOC in front of Congressional Chambers. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III

AOC Criticizes Eric Adams’ Increase in Police Salaries, Calling It ‘Defunding Safety’

In an interview on “The Daily Show,” Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized New York City Mayor Eric Adams for increasing police officer salaries instead of investing in public schools and violence prevention programs. She argued that cutting investments in community programs and increasing funding for the “militarized” NYPD was “defunding safety.”

“We are defunding safety. Defunding our public schools. Defunding our public pools. Defunding our parks. Defunding our libraries. When we are taking all of those resources and demanding every single department except the militarized ones be cut, we are sending a message about who and what we care about.”

Ocasio-Cortez claimed that most officers are paid more than a teacher with a master’s degree, despite serving the same students involved in the same violent incidents. She went on to say that by diverting resources away from public schools, pools, parks, and libraries, except for the militarized departments, leaders were sending a message about who and what they prioritize.

“We’re now at a point where officially, most officers are paid more than a teacher with a master’s degree serving the same kids, involved in the same [violent] incidents.”

Eric Adams’ Tentative Agreement to Increase Rookie Officer Salaries Amidst NYPD Exodus

Mayor Eric Adams recently reached a tentative agreement with the city’s largest police union to increase rookie officer salaries, as the department faces a mass exodus of officers. The agreement will pay new officers approximately $60,000 when including all differentials, holiday pay, and a uniform allowance, starting in August. Members of the union will also receive retroactive wage increases ranging from 2.25 percent to 4.00 percent.

AOC Compares Trump to Violent Criminals at Rikers Island Prison

During her appearance on “The Daily Show,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez commented on former President Donald Trump’s indictment and arraignment at a Manhattan courthouse. She expressed frustration that Trump received better treatment than violent criminals serving time at Rikers Island prison.

“I have to go in [to my district] every single day watching people get treated far worse for doing far less. And then you know it’s like this red carpet that gets rolled out [for Trump.] I mean if you hurt one person you get ten years in prison. But if you hurt millions of people, you get your name on a building.”

Ocasio-Cortez stated that she witnessed people getting treated far worse for doing far less and criticized the red carpet that was rolled out for Trump. She questioned why someone who hurt millions of people would receive their name on a building while someone who hurt one person would get ten years in prison.


  1. How in the world did a.o.c. ever get elected in the first place?She is what is wrong with America today. This country needs patriots to stand up and tell to SHUT THE HELL UP.

  2. In the long run, and the short, who cares what this ignorant low knowledged nitwit thinks ( if she does at all)? She’s wrong on everything!

  3. That’s not AOC. She is at Gitmo as of right now. You all see an alternate playing her. She is waiting for her tribunal. It won’t be pretty. Too many “fakes” surrounding all of us.

  4. Every time she opens her mouth, she weakens the nation. The perfect example of there’s only one thing worse than a politician – that’s a child molester.

  5. AOC Is a Raciest. First Clarence Thomas Then Eric Adams. AOC – Why do you continually pick on African American distinguished Office Holders with more power than you. Is it jealousy or what?

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