According to The Washington Post, a flow of abortion pills from Mexico has developed since the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe in June. A group named Las Libres is reported as being the center of this underground network and they claim to have “helped terminate approximately 20,000 pregnancies this year in the United States.” In The Post’s conversation with the director of Las Libres, Verónica Cruz Sánchez, she said they work with a network of over 250 U.S. based volunteers in order to distribute the pills.

The leader of another Mexican supply group stated, ““Once we get the pills into the U.S., they can distribute them across the whole country.”

The Washington Post article provided details on the drugs being trafficked:

Organizations like Las Libres offer abortion pills without a prescription and, typically, without access to a medical professional —occasionally providing medication to those who say they’re at or beyond the FDA’s 10-week limit. To avoid detection in antiabortion states, the group also mails pills unmarked and unsealed, often in old bottles used previously for other medicines.

The lengthy article also focuses on the story an American named “Monica” and her boyfriend. Monica is over 10 weeks pregnant and wants an abortion because of their financial situation. But the couple live in a state that recently outlawed abortion. Monica turns to the internet one day to seek help and posts a message on Reddit to ask for help with her unwanted pregnancy. Eventually, a Mexican based group responded to her post and Monica agrees to have them send her abortion pills. The following excerpt from The Post’s piece describes Monica’s experience after taking the pills and we must warn, is disturbing and graphic:

But Monica couldn’t go to the hospital — surely, she thought, the doctors would know what she’d done and report her. Her boyfriend threw some clothes in a bag anyway.

“Turn on the bath,” Monica said she yelled out to him. “I need to get in there.”

She felt a flood of liquid in her underwear and stepped into the bath with her clothes still on. Lying back in the tub, she said, she felt some pressure release. Then she screamed.

The fetus was floating in the water. Slightly smaller than her palm, the fetus had a head, hands, and legs, she said. Defined fingers and toes.

She leapt from the bath and collapsed in her boyfriend’s arms. Desperate for some guidance, soaking wet and crying, she took out her phone.

“I just passed the fetus,” Monica wrote to whomever had sent her the pills. She learned later that her fetus matched descriptions of those roughly 13 weeks along, well beyond the 10-week cap set by the FDA for taking abortion pills.


  1. While I DISPISE demonrats, the left, and the trash that support them, I am infuriated by the people that think they can FORCE their beliefs on others. Pregnancy affects 2 people, and BOTH pro-abortionists AND anti-abortionists are FORCING their beliefs on one of these individuals and DESTROYING the rights of the other!!! I AM FED-UP WITH BOTH SIDES!!!! The CONSTITUTIONAL SOLUTION is being OPPOSED by BOTH sides-but the ANTI-ABORTION side is the WORST!!!! Chemicals that destroy the corpus luteum on the woman’s ovaries during pregnancy, but DO NOT directly harming the fetus-are being denied to women-THIS IS COMPLETELY ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL!!!! IT IS NO DIFFERENT THAN EITHER DENYING OR FORCING CHEMICALS/VACCINES/MEDICATIONS, ECT. ON PEOPLE!!!!! Just as people have THE CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM of denying covid or other vaccinations/injections, women have the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to use an injection to destroy an unwanted corpus luteum on THEIR ovary!! KEEPING AMERICAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS REQUIRES THAT YOU ALLOW OTHERS TO HAVE THEIR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH THEM AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT INFRINGE ON YOUR RIGHTS!!!! STOP BEING HIPOCRITES AND STATING YOU ARE PRO-CONSTITUTIONAL WHILE YOU ARE DENYING OTHERS THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!!!!

  2. What happened to no one being above the law? I guess if your left and rhino you get anything you want with lies and stealing? Democrats say abort the babies, teach the children sex at 5, make teenagers and young adults hat this country, do surgery on our kids for sex changes, think they own every child in this country and all for what reason? Now allowing abortion pills to come across the boarder like fentanyl. When are republicans going to start doing something for this country? Wrong people in our government at this time, this is reason to completely drain swamp and their puppets.

  3. If I was a pregnant woman looking for abortion pills, I’d be worried that maybe pills through Mexico would not be legitimate. Sounds scary.

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