Organizations such as the “New Black Panther Party” and other Black armed groups announced they would have a vigilante presence at the Georgia runoff election voting precincts. While few took the announcements seriously, now Black Panthers and similar groups have been spotted holding rifles and swinging them in the air while many mask their faces.

The groups claim they’re not there to intimidate voters, however, their “protection” is coming as an unwanted surprise by many who would rather just see a small security presence as opposed to a militant and armed political vigilante group.

In a press conference Monday, Khallida Ramla Bastet said, “No one will come and touch, harm, threaten, do anything to any person walking into that voting booth to exercise that right”


  1. Soooo, where are the Law Enforcement Officers to dispel this Insurectonist act? Advance warning was given but no preparations were taken? Sounds like a Boston Bomber situation. Ignored.

  2. Didnt I see this during Obamas campaign some years back , Pre Trump.
    Why now
    & this is Voter Intimidation Here

  3. No they are not there to intimidate voters. They are just carrying guns in case they are attacked by parents who protest at schoolboard meetings.

  4. The democrats have turn this county into a 3rd world country. ever since iv been alive the democrats can turn a good-things into war. Here they are the left have more and better guns than our military.

    1. Where do you think they are getting their weapons from?
      It’s a set up by the government now in office and they are being paid by ” we the people” and nasty elitists like soros

  5. Democrat voter intimidation!! Surely the Biden DOJ will aggressively prosecute this–like the Obama Administration did.

  6. If you are armed and setting up close to election polling places, how can you not be there in order to intimidate or threaten voters in Georgia’s runoff election? Your presence is not required in order to protect voters at the polls.

  7. The only area the black panthers could have tried this was in a dem area. Try it in a predominately red area and they would have been met with more guns than they could have imagined. Sounds like a big deal but is really a “nothin burger”.

  8. We ALL know what would happen if this were a bunch of white people doing this! Black Supremacy is a cancer just as much as White Supremacy!

  9. Poor honest Walker up against the most evilest party in our history, fair elections might be dead under the illegal regime and their treasonous deadly deeds. We pray honest and fair play Mr Walker win by a fair margin.

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