With the Georgia Senate runoff only a day away, recent polls show Democrat Warnock and Republican Walker only 1.7% apart. While Warnock is leading Walker, there is still a chance for Walker. In a recent Patriot Polling poll, 4.3% of those polled were undecided when asked who they would vote for. Walker’s camp has largely known this race would be close as in the primary election, Warnock held the majority with 0.8% of the vote which triggered a runoff. Walker’s team has used Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp as a leader in getting voters to come out for Walker this time around. They are especially hoping that mentioning the Governor’s support for Walker will help him win over those who are on the fence.

This runoff could come down to the swing voters, and ultimately those who are unsure. Making it important for Republicans to get out and vote for the party. While Walker has a good deal to gain if he can beat incumbent Warnock, Warnock has more to lose. While Warnock has a small lead at this point, with slim margins, this race is up in the air as we head into election day. Both sides hoping voters come out and vote in what will be a very tight race.

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