BALANCE OF POWER: Where Uncalled Senate Races Stand

There are still two Senate races up for grabs that will decide the fate of the U.S. Senate. Nevada and Georgia will determine who has the majority in the upper chamber and each race is coming down to the wire. As of Friday morning, Republican Adam Laxalt’s lead over Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto has shrunk to less than one point, at 48.9% to 48%. The latest updates from Clark and Washoe counties have put Laxalt just 8,988 votes over Cortez Masto with 90% of the total vote counted.

In Nevada, mail-in ballots that are dated by election day can arrive and be counted by as late as Saturday. Clark County, Nevada’s most populous county, says the deadline to verify the mail-in ballots is Tuesday, Nov. 15, and the latest day final results could be announced is Nov. 17.

With 10% of the vote to still be counted the Masto camp is saying that she has enough votes in the Democratic stronghold of Las Vegas to overcome Laxalt’s slight lead. Meanwhile, Laxalt has said that he has enough votes remaining in rural counties and the Reno area to hold onto his advantage.

The Georgia Senate race between Herschel Walker and Sen. Raphael Warnock is headed to a runoff and will not be decided until their December 6th election day.


  1. And the idiots keep voting for Biden demo’s!!!!! Read the latest stuff. He has manipulated
    almost everything…coming out now. Promises and crap he is not dong or does not have
    a clue. Now some election issues etc. Better wise up and make sure Rep’s take over house
    and senate or we are screwed for another 2 years!!! Get it together NOW or it will fall apart
    believe it!!!!!! Just look at the headlines coming out now how he has pulled another fast
    one!!!!! The hits just keep coming……. : ( The wrong kind of hits!!!!

  2. Sadly it looks like the democrats will retain the senate majority because Walker isn’t going to win in Georgia. Our only hope of keeping Biden’s handlers from finishing their mission of destroying our republic is if we can somehow gain control of the house. If there were someway that the GOP could keep Trump’s big mouth shut there might be a chance of winning. He cost the republicans a lot of seats in both the house and the senate.

  3. I hope and pray that the True American People will wake up and see what is going on !! The Mafia Queen Nancy and her servant Chicken Chuck and the Fake dummy calling himself president , Obama king of the lairs and Hillary the killer Clinton’s are all trying to turn the Great Country of America into a Communist country with the help of China. Please True Honest People of America help Save the two Georgia and Nevada Republican Senators win their races so that we the True Honest People of America have a chance of controlling all the Communist leaders now in the White House . Please don’t let them Cheat and steal this election TOO !!!!

  4. The early voting ballots should be mailed in time to reach the county election commission office before the polls close on election day or placed in the election drop box before that time. In Nebraska Early Voting Ballots returned to the Election Commission of each county by mail must arrive before 8 p.m. CT on Election Day and or placed in drop boxes by 8 p.m. CT which is the time the polls close in Nebraska. Late arriving ballots will not be counted. The return envelopes must be signed by the voters in order for the ballots to be counted. At polling places voters sign the book with the list of eligible voters before receiving their ballots. When you sign your name on the envelope or in the book of the list of eligible voters you are stating you are the person who you say you are. It is a felony to vote using another person’s name. There was a voter ID ballot issue in Nebraska. We had to remove the sign placed on the table with the list of eligible voters saying ‘STATE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS. NO ID REQUIRED’. This was viewed by some as electioneering against the ballot issue. Electioneering is not permitted within 200 feet of polling places or within them.

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