Federal judge, U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman, ruled that President Biden’s student loan bailout violated federal procedures and defied the government’s inherent separation of powers doctrine. In his ruling, Pittman said “In this country, we are not ruled by an all-powerful executive with a pen and a phone,” adding, “Instead, we are ruled by a Constitution that provides for three distinct and independent branches of government.” The lawsuit from last month comes from The Job Creators Network on behalf of two of their borrowers, both of which were denied the benefits of President Biden’s program.

The proposed Biden plan was heavily criticized as a “bribe” for young voters who avoid paying for overpriced education if they support a President with a dwindling approval rating. Criticisms have also been raised surrounding Biden’s choice to allocate funds towards student loan bailouts at a time when the country is well over an 8% inflation rate and the U.S. economy is doing poorly on nearly every front.

Conveniently, this ruling was not released prior to the Midterm elections, where Generation Z showed out for the Democratic party. If this ruling was released prior to November 8th, Generation Z would have likely stayed home due to President Biden and the Democratic party’s empty promises.

President Biden has recently stated that the United States is no longer in a COVID-19 pandemic state of emergency, and the student debt bailout program was made with the intention of relieving people of their loans due to COVID-19, however, the reasoning behind the student debt bailout is widely considered to be a stretch now 2 years removed from the COVID-19 pandemic, along with that, it’s seen as an abuse of power from President Biden for evading approval from congress and the senate.

If approved, Biden’s proposed bailout would have canceled up to $10,000 of student loan debt for individuals who earn less than $125,000 per year, and for married couples up to $250,000 per year.


  1. Now everyone see’s what this guy was up to!!!!Pandering especially to the younger
    crowd to scoop up the votes because of all he said. Americans fell for it!! He is not
    a dictator though he thinks he is having the WH, senate & house to back him up!!
    Well he stuck it to ya!!!! When will voters ever learn trusting the Demo’s ???
    So he….gotcha !!!!! Again !!! Forgive all that debt plus spend the hell out of ‘everything
    he can…….wake up !!! The election should have been a blow out but he and the Demo’s
    have been pulling out the stops to screw Americans again!!!! Atta boy Joe way to go!!!
    Read um and weep…..

    1. Yup… He played all of those young voters who came out in droves to vote for the Democrats. I guess they should consider it a “learning moment”. The first of many reality checks.

  2. They voted for murdering babies. The younger generation has no morals . their education is a joke. They are taught to hate America but want everything free. Lazy fools.

    1. I find myself Agreeing with you most of the time these days. I would say the one exception is Kids lucky enough to have Parents that put their Kids into Christian Schools were R/W/A/and History are Still the main Subjects.

  3. Well no joke he pulled it off at midterms and all of you fell for it!!! He is NOT a King!!!!
    Hello……you you all see what he just pulled off??? Socked it to ya!!!! If your going to
    trust him you had better CUT THE CARDS!!!! He knew it would fail….but after midterms!!
    Gotcha !!!!

  4. No matter how you feel, federal student loans all have forgiveness written into their master promissory note after 10 years (government employee), 20 years (undergrad) or 25 years (grad). They can extend repayment to those specified years, but there’s no possibility of what Republicans want, which is for everyone to pay every last penny of their student loans plus the interest, which is often extremely high, happening. Sorry you don’t like it.

  5. Good!! This is another abuse by Biden of the authority that belongs exclusively to the legislature, not to the President. These abuses by Obama and now Biden continue. They were both charged with upholding the Constitution, but have done the opposite.

  6. Biden’s bailout of students from student loans is not only a violation of the CONSTITUTION with it giving the ‘power of the purse’ to Congress and NOT the executive branch!!! Though it is a fulfillment of a campaign promise politicians seem to always make promises they can’t keep to get you vote! [It would also contribute to INFLATION by massively increasing the supply of money]

  7. Another Biden loss! And again don’t release information prior but withhold for the benefit of one party! LOSERS!

  8. Our CIC (Coprolite in Chief) seems never to have heard of the THREE (3) branches of government. He hasn’t an inkling of the differences between a democracy and a constitutional republic. I doubt that he’s ever heard that his responsibility begins and ends with the Executive Branch.

    Or he may believe “his” branch has authority over the Legislative and Judicial Branches. Regardless, he’s clearly the least learned in U.S. history. He’s so dim, he trips over his cordless phone. He puts his M&Ms in alphabetical order. He jumped out of his basement window to commit suicide. I could go on.

    The bottom line is the next time he finds his way to the oval office, he needs to have a staffer write his letter of resignation and have someone read it to the legislature. The consequence will be democrats won’t stand for it and conservatives will win the next election.


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