According to the New York Times, with 85% of the vote counted AAN is calling the Senate race for (D) Raphael Warnock.

Currently, Warnock has over 1,500,000 votes, totaling 50.26% of the vote. Large parts of largely blue areas such as Atlanta, Augusta, and Columbus are yet to be fully accounted for, and are expected to supply Warnock with the votes necessary to secure a win.


  1. The left has bought another race if the call is made for Warnock. Unbelievable voters would
    fold and pick him. Again there was a opportunity to make a good change for what you
    currently have …and blew it. Ya just don’t get it….probably never will…unfortunate for
    Georgia….will just keep on keeping on running it into a ditch!!!!! To bad!!!!!!

  2. I knew better to trust the dumb asses in Georgia they must like high prices of everything and a very crappy economy.

  3. I’m sure over the coming days there will once again be proof of voter fraud. And, no, I am NOT being sarcastic. I am being serious.

  4. May Warnic suffer a Huge Truth Bomb and may those who cheated for him be swept up in the cheating and lies of their immorality and destruction of America. May God’s hand sweep over them as He did one night in Egypt

  5. It seems some people in Ga are glutens for punishment by putting a Democrat back in power to tilt the Senate to the Democrats. this country is flailing under Democrat policies and things are getting worse not better. There are empty shelves in stores and more added every day. Gas has gone down a few cents but you can bet they are going to go back up with Democrats in charge. Biden wants this country in EV vehicles. Warnock was one of the worst Senators in the Senate and he is back to do nothing for anyone The cost of living has risen and will continue to rise under he Democrats, the only hope this country has is with the House under the Republicans

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