Following Charlie Crist’s underwhelming performance against Ron DeSantis, Crist took to Twitter, where he tweeted the exact same link a total of 27 times to multiple Twitter users commonly known as “Biden reply guys.”

These users included @itsJeffTiedrich, @AaronParnas, @funder, and multiple others who grew in following after spamming Donald Trump’s Twitter account throughout his presidency.

(Example of Jeff Tiedrich spamming Donald Trump)


The Democrat Twitter shills moved in unison to prop of the allegedly amazing Crist performance during his debate. When all the DNC Twitter stars move in unison, it should raise a red flag – they’re doing damage control for Charlie Crist.

Crist took the opportunity to respond to the viral Twitter users a total of 27 times, all of which included a somewhat personalized reply, along with a convenient “poll”, which showed Crist at 46%, and DeSantis at 47%. Upon clicking on the poll, you’re then brought to a donation page. There is no source for the poll provided in the picture, nor is there a source for the poll within the website you’re brought to. Crist is possibly choosing to make the gap between DeSantis and himself appear smaller than it is in an attempt to motivate his voters to donate more money before the election to get him over the hump.

According to Real Clear Politics average of available polls, Crist is going to need to do a lot more campaigning than copy-and-pasting a link on Twitter, as RCP currently has him down an average of 10 points, a far cry from only being down 1 point.

It goes without saying that none of the polls listed by Real Clear Politics is the one that Crist used on Twitter, so the source (assuming there is a polling source) remains in the dark.


  1. Caught him being interviewed by Dana Perrino and Bill Hemmer. They asked him various questions on issues affecting Florida. He didn’t answer the question but would skirt around on other subjects and always brought it back up Ron DeSantis and how he was failing Florida and how much he was the better choice. Reminding us of his term as Governor of Florida.
    The man is a liar and a hopeless choice for democrats in Florida.
    But he still didn’t answer Dana and Bills direct questions!

  2. why would anyone want crist as gov of florida my god the guy would shut florida down if covid showed up again make your young kids take a shot that were not needed close the schools.. NO TO CRIST AND YES TO DESANTIS

  3. How can anyone in their right mind vote for a democrat for what they’ve done to this country, they truly must be a weak minded people.

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