Apparently there is at least one democratic candidate who wants to be associated with Joe Biden. On Thursday night, the president will be at an event in Philadelphia to help fundraise for John Fetterman. It can’t be a good sign for Fetterman that he is needing to take his chances on bringing in the unpopular president. The Pennsylvania Senate race has become one of the most competitive in the country and Mehmet Oz continues to pull closer.

Fetterman  greeted Biden upon his arrival in the state and Biden could heard telling him, “You’re gonna win,” as the two shook hands.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll released last month found Biden’s approval rating underwater: 39% of Americans approved of his job performance while 53% disapproved.

According to ABC News:

White House Correspondent MaryAlice Parks questioned Biden about his appearances on the campaign trail as he departed the White House on Thursday morning.

“Mr. President, John Fetterman is gonna appear with you today in Pennsylvania … but there haven’t been that many candidates campaigning with you,” Parks said.

“That’s not true. There have been 15, count, kid, count.” Biden interrupted.

“OK, and are there gonna be even more?” Parks pressed further.

“Yeah,” Biden replied.


  1. Taxpayer money should not be wasted by any President or VP jetting around the country campaigning for others. Especially when there are so many problems currently not being addressed!

  2. Biden Heads to Pennsylvania in Rare Campaign Event for Fetterman. Only Biden and Fetterman could understand what the other was saying. The tiny audience was completely baffled!

  3. Let that fool Biden speak it only means Dr.Oz is going to win that election. It the dum leading g the dum at that,rally or as it is know one ly lead by another ly.

  4. Birds of a feather flock together.
    Both Fetterman and Biden are mentally impaired and should not hold a public office.

  5. Does the demon Fetterman really need two worthless politicians with satanic credentials to prop up his campaign. First, Satan or Son of Satan the most racist Pres in recent history, Barack Hussein Barry Sorento Obama, and Second, Lets Go Brandon and kill every unborn baby now Biden. The coauthors of the systematic (3 term) destruction of our Republic the United States of America.

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