Yet another new poll gives good news to Republicans as the November Midterm Elections fast approach. The GOP continues to have a good shot at reclaiming the U.S. House and Senate, with less than 30 days until Election Day. Rasmussen’s poll shows that 48 percent of likely voters will vote Republican while 41 percent will vote for Democrats. The poll whos the GOP climbing from its previous 47 percent support from voters while Democrats were at 42 percent.

The Daily Caller reports:

Republicans have led the polls in the Congressional Generic Ballot all year, with a record 10-point lead in July, the poll reported. Margins slimmed after July, yet predictions look positive as Republicans have reached a 7-point lead.

The current Republican lead is likely the result of the 16-point advantage gained through independent voters, the poll reported. Republicans are more likely to vote for their party over an independent with 85% of Republican respondents saying they will vote red, while only 82% of Democrats said they would vote blue.

Among unaffiliated voters, 46% said they would vote Republican, while 30% said they would vote Democratic, the poll reported. Nine percent of voters are voting for other candidates and 15% remain undecided.

The poll was conducted on Oct. 9 through Oct. 13 and has a margin of sampling error of +/-2 percentage points.


With many tight races, such as in Arizona, Georgia, Oregon, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and others, Democrats’ lower support numbers don’t spell good news for them keeping either chamber of Congress in 2023.


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