Photo edit of Rep. Adam Schiff. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Rep. Adam Schiff. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Florida’s Republican Representative Anna Paulina Luna made an announcement that she has gathered sufficient votes to issue a formal reprimand and refer Democratic Representative Adam Schiff to the ethics committee. Luna filed a resolution last month, which enjoyed special status, seeking to condemn Schiff’s perceived “blatant misuse of authority.” If successful, the resolution could result in a substantial fine of $16 million, representing half the expenses incurred during the Russia investigation. Earlier, Schiff managed to evade criticism when 20 Republicans joined forces with Democrats to suspend the resolution.

The following Republican representatives sided with Democrats in supporting Schiff: Kelly Armstrong (North Dakota), Lori Chavez-DeRemer (Oregon), Juan Ciscomani (Arizona), Tom Cole (Oklahoma), Warren Davidson (Ohio), Brian K. Fitzpatrick (Pennsylvania), Kay Granger (Texas), Garret Graves (Louisiana), Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (New Jersey), Kevin Kiley (California), Young Kim (California), Michael Lawler (New York), Thomas Massie (Kentucky), Tom McClintock (California), Marcus J. Molinaro (New York), Jay Obernolte (California), Michael K. Simpson (Idaho), Michael R. Turner (Ohio), David G. Valadao (California), and Steve Womack (Arkansas).

Luna expressed her confidence in securing the necessary votes, highlighting that numerous colleagues have shown their support for the motion. She emphasized that her motivation behind the motion was not driven by vengeance but rather by a perceived disparity in the administration of justice within the country, citing recent incidents involving Hunter Biden and the Department of Justice. Luna firmly believes that, as a congresswoman, she possesses the right to introduce a motion with special status to hold Schiff accountable for his conduct.

“I have called up my censure motion and will be bringing the vote to hold Adam Schiff accountable to the floor [Wednesday],” Rep. Luna announced on Twitter Tuesday night.

“I have spoken to many of my colleagues. A majority of the 20 will be changing their vote to support the motion, as well as other Members who were not in town for the initial vote have let me/my office know they will be voting with us,” Luna said.

“We have secured the number of votes needed to censure Adam Schiff and refer him to Ethics,” she added.

“It is well within my right as a Congresswoman to file a privileged motion and hold Adam Schiff accountable for abusing and exploiting his official position and bringing dishonor to the House of Representatives. I am fully aware of the constitutionality of it all and that is what this is about.”

“I look forward to restoring honor to the House of Representatives this Wednesday and appreciate the Members who have come forward to support this historical censure in an effort to bring accountability and trust back to this very sacred institution,” she said.

The resolution has been reintroduced, excluding the fine, and the vote is scheduled to occur on Wednesday. Luna aspires to reinstate integrity within the House of Representatives and revive a sense of responsibility and trust within the institution.


  1. All he has are lies and hate….He shouldn’t be anywhere near a public office….unless it’s about their mental issues…

  2. I watched the House Committee Hearings today. Schiff questioned Durham about Russia offering dirt on Hillary campaign on phone calls. Durham responded that foreign nations do that all the time, reminding Schiff that he got a call from a supposed Russian who offered dirt on Trump. Schiff skipped over that.

  3. He looks like a psychopath! He acts like one also! He believes his lies. He lies habitually and conducts himself as a serial lier period! My question is? Why anyone listens to him in the first place? Besides all he ruined? He should be removed or imprisoned for perjury at the very least? That’s my opinion! Unfortunately. He’s protected by the other insane criminals in his party! He has no business in any government office period! Let alone a dishwasher in a hole in the wall restaurant! Or a restroom janitor?

  4. don’t hold your breath for waiting for his removal from Congress, these Rat Bastard stick together.

  5. Adam is a born liar and Coup Instigator and he needs to be removed because of his lack of ethics, integrity, and character

  6. Given the FACT that LYING to Congress is a crime and many people have been jailed for doing so Schiff and many other Demcraps should be removed from office, jailed and banned from holding office ever again. Schiff has done NOTHING but LIE to Congress and America. In FACT he is still spewing the same LIES he has since President Trump first announced he was thinking of Running for President back in 2015. Schiff even after the Steele Dossier(PACK OF LIES bought by Hitlery) was proven LIES he keeps saying it is TRUE. Being a Democrap Schiff has LIED to America from the monument he started his assault on the House and is even making NOISE he plans to run for Feinstein’s Senate seat. If he were to get it he will LIE to the Senate as he has the House all these years. Schiff and many other Demcraps should be booted from office banned from Congress, both Houses for life for all the LIES they have spewed over the past years. All who supported Obozo and all his IGNORANCE should be the first to be jailed and those who claim that Pedo Joe was not CHEATEDin Office should be the next batch. There are many low level Demcraps in or going to Prison for the very FRAUD Democraps swear never happened. Jailing the DC Democraps would be Justice.

  7. Schiff should be removed from elected office. Don’t worry though, he’s related to Soros thru marriage, I’m sure they’ll find some useless overpaid job for him. His stench will follow him no matter where he goes

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