Credit: Tucker on Twitter
Credit: Tucker on Twitter

Former Fox News anchor, Tucker Carlson, recently previewed an interview with Larry Sinclair, who raised eyebrows in 2008 with assertions concerning personal encounters and drug use with then-candidate Barack Obama.

During his anticipated chat with Carlson, Sinclair revisited his claim that he met Obama in November 1999 outside a Chicago bar, unaware at the time of Obama’s status as an Illinois state senator. Sinclair alleged they had two intimate encounters and used cocaine together. He further contended that Obama acquired cocaine for him and that he saw the future president using crack inside a limousine.

These assertions first came to light in 2008 at the National Press Club and later took form in Sinclair’s 2009 book. Within this narrative, he also posited that Obama had an affair with a church choir director who was purportedly killed in December 2007. Sinclair suggests that the mainstream media chose not to explore these allegations, possibly under pressure from the Obama campaign.

Carlson emphasized that Sinclair has backed his claims with an affidavit and underwent a polygraph test. Yet, Sinclair’s history, encompassing a prison stint in the 1980s for financial offenses, has led some to question his trustworthiness.

Separately, conversations about Obama’s sexuality have been fanned by comments from his half-brother, Malik Obama, and the surfacing of a 1982 letter from Obama, discussing his perspectives on homosexuality.

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