Anthony Quintano from Westminster, United States via Wikimedia Commons

Twitter recently shut down the White House Press Secretary’s Twitter account and blocked any reference to two New York Post stories exposing Biden family corruption.

Facebook has been accused of censoring conservatives for years.

When the alarms were sounded the media and the left called it a pure conspiracy.

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cathy Lee
cathy Lee
4 days ago

Why is Barr not issuing warrants for treason? Republicans get a backbone. Need to do something before election.

Mark Hill
Mark Hill
1 day ago

It is more than obvious who Facebook, Twitter and Google want to win. They are no longer a free speech organizations but a machine using their power of censorship to stifle any conservative views. The muting of the Hunter Biden and his fathers influence buying which is now a proven fact that it was not a Russian hoax. But only independent sources or one news channel actually tells the American citizens the facts they need to know. They tried to impeach Trump and the players should be charged with Treason for the whole Cross Fire Hurricane fiasco. I have lost faith that anything that comes from the FBI is actually true anymore. The fact that they live off the backs of our taxes that we legally earn and they forgot who they are supposed to be representing is going to fall back on them. We are not sheep and will not forget.