Pro-Trump Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Mary Miller (R-IL) supporting Life at the Supreme Court. Via Twitter:

As Republicans battle for the identity of the GOP, some politicians are claiming that conservative, pro-Trump Republicans are the base of the party, while moderates disagree. What do you think?


  1. We as Trump supporters just want the country back, and from these idiots that occupy the White House. Let’s not confuse the facts.
    The GOP, republicans or whatever haven’t been able to do very much only because the democrats outweigh them, and the choices made by both the GOP, and republicans are similar to what the democrats experienced when we had control. It’s been going back and forth for hundreds of years. UNTIL TRUMP RAN FOR OFFICE. The democrats thought he would be a easy target, but what the democrats didn’t realize that a change was needed, especially the transparency of the government in whole.
    Trump made that change in the most best of ways. Take your pick, between Trump and any Republican or democratic president in history
    there’s no comparison.
    And still the democrats take us back decades and do the same thing over and over again,

  2. RINOs go join the the other leftist enemies of our Constitutional Republic.
    We will prevail.

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