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Republican U.S. House Leader Kevin McCarthy of California declared victory on Wednesday after Republicans appeared poised to flip the chamber. The statement comes as he is likely to be elected as the new House Speaker, dealing a crippling blow to Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the 118th Congress. “I want to thank the millions of supporters across this country,” McCarthy said, continuing, “It is clear we are going to take the House back.”

The Epoch Times reports:

At the time of publication, the Associated Press has called winners in 371 of the 435 House seats up for grabs. This includes 199 Republicans and 172 Democrats. AP reports that two Democrats have lost their seats so far.

To take control of the House, a party needs 218 seats, meaning that Republicans are currently 19 seats away from capturing the lower chamber.

“If you believe in freedom, hard work and the American dream these results prove there is a place for you in the Republican Party,” said McCarthy. “We are expanding this party.”

Results show vast GOP inroads with Hispanic voters, and flips of hard-fought seats, such as that of January 6 Committee member Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA).

Pelosi sang a more somber tone, writing,  “While many races remain too close to call, it is clear that House Democratic members and candidates are strongly outperforming expectations across the country.”


  1. If you get it, let’s hope something is done this time. The last time the people gave it to you, you did nothing but run your mouths. Fix this mess or more of you Republicans will be voted out the next time.

    1. The thing is, the Republicans will need a veto-proof majority to get anything done. Otherwise, dopey ol’ Joe will veto everything they try to do.

    2. The republicans better not count the left wing out just yet. As other elections have shown us, a lot of last minute boxes of ballots have all of sudden been ” found “, and they seem to always favor the democrats. Like you said, if they win at least the house, they better do the job they are elected to do, not spend the next two years trying to get even with the democrats. If they don’t they will pay the price come November 2024.


  3. Stop with the mailing process,
    + voting drop boxes. It’s an uneaceary & prone for fraud.
    Vote in person is the only True American way to vote.
    Many countries banned the mail ins & dropp boxes

  4. Maybe, just maybe, Pelosi will finally sober up and realize that most Americans are tired of her being a continuous threat to the Constitution.

  5. God save America from Kevin McCarthy and the entire Republican party , which has sunk to its lowest level ever ! And if Donald Trump is reelected in2024 I shudder to think of the catastrophic results would be for this country . There is nobody in the GOP who would be any better than Trump, who despite the mindless worship he still receives by the right was by far the worst president in US history .
    There is almost no one in the GOP who even belongs in politics any more, which as absolutely terrifying ! A chimpanzee would make a better president than any of them !

  6. I just wonder if the pubs will take a much-needed lesson from Ron Desantis and act like they have a spine. All they have ever done in the past when they gained control was to roll over for the crats and the media (these two are pretty much the same animal). I just keep hoping and waiting and have always been rewarded with the same feckless action. The dems will circle the wagons around anything with a D in it’s title. The pubs will bite and stab their own. They think they will make the media and the dems love them if they roll over. Never has happened and never will. Is that not the definition of “political” insanity?

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