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Joe Biden, the person who ran on being the mature candidate in 2020, has now gone the route of hurling insults at those who don’t agree with his ideology. President Biden, while constantly calling for unity, appears to believe that one group of Americans are not applicable to be a part of his version of “unity” – supporters of former President Donald Trump.

And a Vietnam War veteran, Mike, told Fox News that the current political divide makes the 1960s “look like a cocktail party.” 

Jimmy said “we’ll be here for a while” if he listed all the reasons why he felt the divide was deepening.

“We can start with the economy. The porous border. The double standard for vaccinations here in our country. Crime at an all-time high in Democratic supermajority cities,” Jimmy told Fox News. 

But Karen said: “We have a Republican Party that won’t negotiate, will not sit down at the table and is trying to repress the vote all over the country.”

Biden recently said “MAGA philosophy” is “like semi-fascism.” Earlier this year, he said Republicans were pushing an “ultra MAGA” agenda.

Joe Biden’s version of unity isn’t a unity of all Americans; it’s a unity of Republicans who don’t support former President Donald Trump, or his ideology, along with moderates and his Democrat supporters. The tactic of endlessly talking about Donald Trump and his supporters is a clear effort to capitalize further on being the ‘other guy’, which was a staple of Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential run. This comes at a time when Joe Biden’s approval rating fluctuates around 39%, which is objectively low. At a time of an economic recession, high gas prices, and other economic issues facing the United States, Joe Biden will need more than to shine the spotlight on Trump to win in 2024.


  1. Has anyone heard when the MAGA Republicans are supposed to report for the Democrat Re-education / Concentrations Camps?

    The words Biden speaks are Morally depraved; ignoble; wicked; Disgusting; and repulsive. Every American should find them objectionable. He is trying to divide this country and should be viewed with disdain and disrespect. 

    He needs to be replaced. ASAP. 

    We need to elect someone who respects this country and wants to Make It Great not deflect from his 18 months of failures. 

    I’m so glad I could comment without saying that he is an ignorant treasonous demented old fool.

    Democrats have absolutely no accomplishments that have made life for Americans better, only worse; this is why they resort to name calling.

         Therefore, Forget about Hunter Biden’s Laptop, Jan 6th, and the FBI Raid on Trump because these events have no effect on our lives. 

        You only need to remember 4 things for the Mid-Term Elections:

        1. The Unsecured Border,  2. High Crime,  3. Energy Prices,  4. Forty Year High Inflation

        The Mid-Term Elections are only few days away.       

      Remember 1 – 2 – 3 – 4, 

        We don’t want Democrats or RINOs no more.

  2. Joe Biden, who died on 7/29/19 of heart failure at National Naval Memorial Center is not the President of the United States. The actors portraying him and the Democrats along with the Rino’s are a threat to our National Security with giving away all our money to third world countries, sticking up for any country or person that is not from our country and being pure traitors to America. See who IS the President at: A nice surprise awaits you if you watch.

  3. The “unity” speech was a campaign effort; the recent divisive speech is the real Biden, a far-left long-term Democrat politician.

  4. Our CIC (Coprolite-in-Chief) can run on endlessly but we all know who the fascists are and how they operate. The primary problem is the U.S. is unaccustomed to such trashy and obviously criminal leaders as personified by our current CIC. We’ve all been astonished at the depth of billionaires who accept and even contribute to the criminals now controlling what once was the most powerful nation.

    The U.S. is sinking fast as the greedy hands of American oligarchs harvest its wealth, means of production, distribution, and exchange. They believe these things should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. On the other hand, our CIC recently commented that to oppose such authority would require an F-15 fighter jet. I guess the CIC doesn’t know our pilots also are citizens with constitutional rights.

  5. The people of Delaware must be extraordinarily stupid to keep electing this devious man over decades. And now his brain stem and cortex are so wasted, he cannot control his mentation, much less his tongue. Let us pity him. I pity US even more.

  6. Thursday night was a desperate gambit by Dems who want to distract from the issues. All Biden needed was a pitchfork and horns to look like a decrepit Satan, flanked behind by Mephistopheles and Beelzebub ” tricked out in quaint disguise ” as U.S. Marines and the fires of Hell behind them.

  7. Biden’s courageous and powerful speech was neither a “rant” nor “insane “. If you want insane rants, listen to any speech Trump has given either while running for president, during his catastrophic pseudo presidency and ever since he was so deservedly defeated in 2020 .
    Trump no longer belongs in prison. He now belongs inside a mental institution wrapped in a straight jacket inside a padded cell !

  8. He is using bribes by making the rest of the country pay off debts of others. But then, the give a way was chosen by 81M voters.

  9. Saul Alinsky would have been proud. I once had a roommate I could mimic his conversation especially after he had been drinking. Biden reminds me of him. My friends used to fall over laughing. This is no laughing matter to know Biden was a plant. I have seen some camera shots of Jill looking at him dumbfounded. Slip-on shoes and bunny rabbits on his bib won`t sustain 4 years in the white house. What a slap in the face to our nation and the people who have died for it.

  10. LISTEN UP….If Prez BIDEN can Target ONE Group of PEOPLE…HE can Target ANYBODY. Does it Look like GOD’S Blessing is with HIM???? TRUMP shall Surely Become a TRUMPET. ALL shall SEE the POWER of GOD in ALL its GLORY. From SamuraiQueen aka CHIAKIA. 😄😄😄😇😇😇😉😉😉

  11. When will we get Biden out of office? Will it be when China Russia Iran forces come streaming across our southern borders? The Biden administration is a garbage hauling racket. You jerks better stop thinking about political parties and act American.

  12. “But Karen said: “We have a Republican Party that won’t negotiate, and is trying to repress the vote all over the country.” No, we want to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat.

  13. It’s remarkable that while watching Biden’s big “unity speech” last Thursday, I couldn’t help but think if his hair were black with a part in the middle and if he had a mustache, compounded by the backdrop, he may just as well spoken with a German accent, because the whole “show” was eerily reminiscent of Hitler and his Nazi speeches. We all need to beware of this danger.

  14. Republicans would love to negotiate but negotiations require give and take on BOTH sides and their (Democrats) style is all one sided just like their elections

  15. Semi Fascism , is that like a little bit pregnant ? I knew a person who described others as BRAIN DEAD. Many Lib/Dems must be RICh as they do not seem to be participating in the Pres Biden DISASTERS LIKE:wild illegal immigration, drowning kids, inflation, exorbitant taxes, shortages. all i know is , the USA did not have this C*** while Trump was President.

  16. ” Karen says”…..that we won’t negotiate? Well, dippy Karen, the D’s hold the house, senate and the white house, and it certainly has been proven that the marxist dems aren’t so hot at ” negotiating”, either…

  17. If Biden had colored his hair, parted it in the middle, and grown a mustache, his “speech” Thursday night would have been a replica of one of Hitler’s speeches back in the ’30’s and ’40’s. Biden is the true villian.

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