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Teachers in a Southern California school district are allegedly teaching students in health education textbooks that there are ten sexual orientations and eight genders. According to Fox New Digital, the Newport-Mesa Unified School District ordered a textbook called “Comprehensive Health Skills for High School,” which makes such claims about gender and sexuality. According to Alicia Beget, a mother with a child in the district, the education system sexualizes children by normalizing sexual behavior at a young age.

As The Daily Wire reports:

“We are placing them in a situation where they think that this is safe, that this is healthy, this is how we show love,” Beget said. “And so they are being exploited by very evil people.”

“This is part of a larger agenda that those at the very top are well aware of what they’re doing,” she added.

Teaching kids that their sexual orientation is separate from their gender identity, one textbook lists eight genders that include agender, androgynous, and bigender. Other identities listed are cisgender, gender fluid, and gender non-conforming. And to further confuse the kids, the book provides an option for them to be gender questioning.

On the sexual orientation front, the book also describes 10 different preferences.

The Newport-Mesa school district was previously exposed by Fox New Digital, which discovered that the district uses a “Genderbread Identity” man in sex education class. The news channel discovered through a public records request that the district uses the so-called “Genderbread Identity” man to teach middle and high school students about what it’s like to be a transgender person in high school.


    1. The U.S. is more above sea level in the East.. so all the nuts naturally roll to California… and here is the proof.

    1. You mean there are two genders…. or two sexes.. a male and a female… but they may have different ways of acting out “sexually”… so … many ‘genders” so some say… there is no DNA showing different genders.. so not scientific…

  1. I’m confused and I’m an intelligent adult. Can you imagine how kids feel? They don’t care about inclusion or equality, it’s all about control. Always was, always will be. Who do they think they’re kidding?

  2. Was it Oliver Wendell Holmes who said “3 generations of imbeciles is enough”? He was right, of course, and I think it is time that we follow his sage counsel – yes, California, there ARE 8 genders and 10 sexual orientations, but only two genders and one sexual orientation are capable of breeding and it’s time we limit breeding to those categories. The other 6 genders and 9 orientations can be sterilized and allowed to pursue their sexual predilections in suitable isolation from the breeders who have no need of them.

  3. Remember how Leftists always claim that Conservatives are Unscientific?
    If there is anything that is “Settled Science”, it is that there are just TWO Sexes or TWO Genders!
    “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence”. —John Adams (1770)
    Scientifically Listing All the Known Sexes or Genders
    (1.) xx chromosome: Female
    (2.) xy chromosome: Male
    That’s all I got, you will need to SCIENTIFICALLY PROVE the existence of the remaining 112-plus assorted “genders” and their assorted pronouns! Please name them all, then you must scientifically define all the unique characteristics of each separate gender and explain how they all incorporate the same two genitalia.

  4. This grooming, brainwashing and propaganda is mental molestation of children. Laws need to be put in place to defend minors from this trash.

  5. This is directly from the Neo-Marxists and the WEF. It’s a plan to cause chaos in society and keep our kids preoccupied with nonsense so they don’t become smart enough to threaten the elites’ stranglehold on our world. They are bored with getting rich and want total world domination. They know best and we are barely useful idiots to them.

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