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While Democrats are still trying to to snatch Americans’ Second Amendment rights away by any means necessary, many states are now fighting back against these leftist anti-gun schemes by passing Constitutional Carry laws, also known as permit-less carry to help citizens more effectively defend themselves.

Here are all the states that have decided to enrage liberals by passing constitutional carry laws: 



  1. Constitutional carry should be the law in all US states and territories. Why should anyone have to have a permit to exercise a right that’s part of the bill of rights? Hopefully we will get a good decision soon from the scotus. During the arguments about the commie New York permit system some of the justices questioned why a license is needed. The criminals don’t care what the laws say. And gun free zones get innocent people killed.

  2. Salute ! Congratulations to all the states that passed Constitutional Carry ! Unfortunately I live in Colorado ,where the governor is a pink panty wearing fairy… But that will change when we get rid of Dominion voting machines ! Tired of ” the Cheat” being the way dems do things .
    God Bless all Patriots world wide !

    1. Here in Alabama, our governor is a great-grandmother who herself carries a handgun wherever she goes.

  3. Constitutional Carry should be the Law of the Land in all 50 States. That’s what the Founders intended.

    1. It IS! The U.S. Constitution IS the supreme law of the land in all 50 states.
      But DemoNrats don’t believe in obeying the Constitution – to them, it’s their toilet paper.

  4. You sure don’t see Illinois in there
    It’s one of rhe most worthless and corrupt states in the nation !!! If anyone want to move to WORTHLESS state Illinois os the place for you !!!

  5. Illinois has these wonderful things it a must see . we habe the mostbeorthlees governor . the most worthless cops they are just like the squad of little Hitler’s. Our good cops left the police force. Crooked court systems. Stupid and laziest mayors. Highest hunting and fishing licences over priced auto registrations worst roads . about the best roads you will find is in Chicago. They eat all of the state’s tax money and its the most corrupt city in the state . But don’t be fooled a lot of the smaller tiwns and cities is following right behind them . and by the looks of it what ever tax money don’t get spent helping the people in the state the governor eats dont believe me just look at his belly. I imagine his food bill for one meal alone is higher than what people were given by the stimulus package. And last but not least . the most over paid CROOKS in offices from top of the state to the very bottom. And gambling is crazy. Just drive over the bridges some will try to buck you off the road and some have shifted from flood waters and won’t do anything right to fix or repair them !!! And have one of rhe best kill you car car wash with unmarked road signs that will allow you to see if your vehicles are a boat in disguise . and of course with how cheap they make vehicles mow days when the motor hit the rinse cycle the blocks crack when you do the cold water rinse . and the water heater is always broke so no warm or hot water rinse. Just ask saline county Illinois.


  6. amessagesand why in earth would anyone in their right mind let a senile person act like he is a president when we all know it was a fraudulent election and allow him to stop transportation of firtelizers so farmers cant plant crops wonder if there will be a good shortage I bet the governor will get to eat while others from one end of the state to the other will be starving and looking at him as he is a ham or pork chop.

  7. I’ll wait for approval once again! “Melt-down” by Leftist Liberal Democrats is a self-induced phenomenon!

  8. Gun free zones areas are as stupid as stupid can get! It would be a non resistant area for target practice!

  9. Seems there are a bunch who need to get there behinds in gear and do he same thing! We know Calif will never have the sense to do this but many others should be so inclined!

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