The President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, hosts the President of the United States at Beit HaNassi. Thursday, July 14, 2022. Photo credit: Haim Zach / GPO. Via Wikimedia Commons.

In Joe Biden’s America, inflation has now hit 9.1%, which is a 40-year high.

While the left-wing media is busy trying to spin the numbers to minimize the damage, the facts are not on their side.

Here are all the other countries in the world with lower inflation rates than Biden’s America:


  1. So, here is the problem, there is no universally recognized standard for measuring inflation. Not only does each country have a different way to measure inflation, but in the U. S. the federal government has changed its algorithm at least 3 times since 1980. So, when they say inflation has reached a 41 year high, it’s actually much worse than that (as bad as that is). Whether you use the 1980 or 2022 algorithm the fact is inflation today is more than twice what it was in the early ‘80s.

    Yes inflation today is that bad.

    1. Neither does the US . But we cure had one when Trump was our alleged “president “. Any chimp would have done a better job as president than Trump !

      1. better to be quiet n thought a fool than open your mouth and confirm it. what an idiotic statement Robert. compare what Trump accomplished to Biden ‘s accomplishments. diametrically opposed. you would be hard pressed to fine any accomplishments by Biden unless you count negatives as accomplishments. Take inflation, or border security, Crack down on drug cartels infiltrating our society, killing 100,000 citizens in 1 year with fentanyl, or unemployment , lowest in all segments of society compared to Biden hasn’t even gotten back to the unemployment figures when he got in office. I could go on but I think you get the message. don’t let hatred skew good judgements and truth

        1. NO, he still doesn’t get it! He’ll continue voting for idiots and WE will suffer the consequences when many idiots vote or voting machines are calibrated to commit fraud!

      2. “But we cure had one”? CURE? You mean, SURE, right? Left? Are you S U R E you know how to vote or does the machine have a random pick button?

  2. commie democrat pedophiles want America to be the highest of all inflation to drain our people of all of their life savings to just eat gruel
    it is back behind the mule to plow the fields for America and the energy program of the commie democrat pedophiles!

    1. Democrats want mass starvation, unemployment, slave labor, collective ownership, untenable debt, poverty, euthanasia and abortion. In other words Democrats want to end America and for everything it stood for which includes Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness, not to be confused with pursuit of license to practice perverted acts and/or genital mutilation.

  3. When will idiot conservatives realize that no US president has the power to cause inflation ? Anyone who calls it “Bidenflation ” has crap for brains ! And gas prices are currently higher in Europe than the US , and gas prices have also been decreasing in America .
    Inflation has been hitting the entire planet – stop blaming Biden for everything that is wrong with America !

    1. Most of the bad things that have happened to America is Biden’s and his “friends” fault..buying oil when we have our own, sucking up to despots and those who wish to harm our country and citizens, etc., giving away our resources to those who hate us and then turning around and buying from those who wish to harm the USA, bringing in undocumented people from other countries, releasing them and not tracking them for awhile, NOT PUTTING AMERICANS FIRST, allowing offenders to go free instead of having consequences, spending so much money that the currents generations’ grand children will have to ‘pay” for it! America should always be first in mind for the United States of America’s president, regardless of who it is!

    2. Your brainwashed brain is preventing you from seeing that BIDEN ENERGY POLICY is the culprit. Since DAY1 so why aren’t PIPELINES green ……THEY ARE!!!!!

  4. NO Joe, you nipple-head, it’s not 0% inflation this month! Previous month was 9.1%, this month 8.5%, a difference of .6 of 1%. It’s simple math, you are a simple minded individual, not a leader, but more—A FOLLOWER! Got it “NIPPLE-HEAD”?!

  5. So basically with all these countries with lower “inflation rates” than The United States really proves one thing?
    Joseph R. Biden is a real Dipshit and should never become President of anything!

  6. dementia jo is #1 in destroying economies, aren’t these commie democrat pedophiles so proud of their demented finger rapist. (tara reade)

  7. We were much better off with Joe Depends in the Senate, where he did not do ONE damn thing in over forty years except collect this government pay check. Although, he did manage to raise an international criminal for a son.

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