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The city of San Francisco’s homeless policy appears to be even more dysfunction than many of its most cynical critics could have imagined. According to new documents obtained by the San Francisco chronicle the city pays millions to house the homeless and then even more money to later evict them from those same properties.

As The Daily Caller reports:

San Francisco, California, has spent millions of dollars housing the homeless before spending more to evict them, again, according to recent documents obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Since 2019, the city has spent over $160 million every fiscal year on “permanent supportive housing” – i.e. single-room-occupancy hotels (SROs) across the city – as part of Mayor London Breed’s administration’s response to the city’s homelessness crisis, according to the documents obtained by the Chronicle.

Breed’s administration has also evicted more than 400 tenants from these SROs for violations of conditions of stay, making up a quarter of all evictions in the city despite housing 1.3% of all tenants. Reasons for eviction range from breaking the policy on guests to verbal abuse and violence against SRO workers and other tenants, with instances including assault with deadly weapons, destruction of rooms, and arson.

Tenants may only be evicted after a judicial process, the entire cost of which is funded by taxpayers, with the homeless receiving public defenders. City officials interviewed by the Chronicle estimated that the cost of litigation can range up to $25,000 per tenant.


  1. What a bunch of nonsense! There isn’t a common sense person in that city! Round them all up, put them in mental institutions and rehab those that can be done, and keep the rest in permanently.

  2. San Francisco and LA have become the toilet bowls of America with NYC close behind. These toilet bowls are clogged and the feces are overflowing onto the sidewalks. Someone find the plunger and remove the blockages (Democrats) before before the whole sewer system explodes.

  3. Cities and states should have the right to deal with their issues however they want to, as long as no Federal funds are being used for them to do so. As long as not one cent of my taxes is provided to any city or state, I don’t care how they operate.

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