Billie Joe Armstrong

The leftist Green Day frontman recently told fans at a concert in London that he would renounce his U.S. citizenship. He previously made that same claim when 45th President Donald J. Trump was in charge.

Green Day – Copps Coliseum – Hamilton, ON – 7/16/09 via Wikimedia Commons.


  1. It’s time for the Biden crime family to confess their abuse of power, for self enrichment, prior to all the investigations that will start after the mid terms. Resign now, admit your crime, against the American tax payers, returns any ill gotten gains, stop your family from being dragged through the mud you created for yourself, and family. You will be impeached, Hunter will be jailed, your family will suffer those loss of assets.Your have too much ill for this not to happen, Your appointed friends in office will no longer be in power, leaving you no support.

    1. You hit the nail on the Head Charles except the whole family are corrupt and get away with what we would spend our lives in jail.

  2. It would have been nice to see all these stupid, fools leave and never come back. Then we could find some real talent

    1. They’ll never go because this is where they make their money and the majority of their fans are here. Their egos always come first.

      1. Hollywood is owned by China now, maybe going to China would be a better option for them?
        Cher can take her “one way” ticket to Mars in 2030!

  3. In reality, who would really care if these morons left. No loss to the country and no one would have noticed or acknowledged their absence! They are just typical Dem/libs that think they are important, that we could not live without them. I say, let’s buy them a one-way ticket to whatever country they want with the understanding that they never come back here, and never speak against this country in the news or internet!

  4. The reason none of them actually left is because they know the freedoms and opportunities they have here aren’t available in other countries around the world…. The were all talk and no blow, action which most of us already knew when they were saying it…. No surprise they are still here and especially not in Canada…. Turns out they don’t have much freedom there.

  5. The sheeple listed here are nothing but blowhards and frauds. They know they have it better here than in countries with the type of government they like.

  6. They are more than welcome to leave whenever they wish! I certainly won’t hold it against them, Cher can take that one way trip to Mars too!

  7. Please Please Please may good on your promises. We want you gone more than you want to leave. Idiots.

  8. Talk is cheap. Follow through takes a person of character. The money they are making in the good old U.S. are way more important than following through with their big talk. They know that they could never live the life they have here if they left and went anywhere. My father used to say, “there are givers and takers in this world”. You can see where these people fall.

  9. This article is proof that anytime a liberal is speaking they are definitely not telling the truth. Just one lie among many.

  10. The departure of all left leading celebrities would have been a constructive move for our nation. Tragically it did not happen and we continue to pay dearly for their destructive ways.

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