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The true cost of the Democrats’ agenda since Joe Biden took office has now been revealed, and it’s truly eye-popping.

As Fox News reports: 

Democrats passed about $3.8 trillion in spending on their top agenda items since President Biden took office — something they believe will help them in the 2022 midterms, but that Republicans say is the usual tax-and-spend legislation that will harm the economy.

“Democrats, even in this tough situation — polarized 50-50 — can actually get things done,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said after Democrats passed their Inflation Reduction Act this month. “They’re going to see Democrats are actually getting things done that matter to them, mainstream things that matter to folks.”

“No matter what they call their legislation, Democrats in Washington are addicted to spending your money,” Chad Gilmartin, a spokesman for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., told Fox News Digital. “When Democrats said their multitrillion spending bill would ‘rescue’ the economy — it did the opposite by fueling historic inflation and imperiling every family’s budget.

“Now Democrats say their latest spending bill, which also raises taxes during a recession, will ‘reduce’ the impact of their failures,” Gilmartin said. “It’s clear Americans want a new direction to get our nation back on track.”

Have the Democrats been far too eager to spend taxpayer dollars on wasteful government programs? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. There now bill will kill the American people and line their pockets they don’t care about anything, but what they want

  2. Why would anyone think that a guy who has never had a real world job in his life, and who has collected a taxpayer funded paycheck for over 40 years, would know the first thing about running one of the largest, most complex, economies in the world?! On top of that, his administration is comprised of people who check certain racial or gender boxes, rather than by people who actually have some expertise in their positions. And now, we all pay the price.

  3. Democrats senile Biden, cackles Kamala and corrupt Pelosi, a gruesome threesum!

    A Republican controlled US House and Senate in 2023!

    Bye crazy Nancy in 2023, bye braindead Biden and incompetent Kamala in 2025!

  4. Timing, HOW long is the inflation reduction bill results happen I hope before nov election, When America sees the results of the Biden bill, BINGO, Republicans have the election, Good by Biden!

  5. Nearly 4 billion in 22 months spent on leftest bull, no one amongst the majority wanted. We instead got open borders, with millions and millions of undocumented illegals they pledge to support without our consent. We cowardly with drew from Afghanistan, leaving behind 85 billion in high speed weapons to help the terrorist, and the closest airport to the CCP nuclear arsenal. Our weakness led to the Ukraine invasion. Then they gave up oil supremacy to be depended upon foreigner enemies, they used up our oil reserve, not being replacing it, to lower gas prices before this upcoming election. They run the country with one party propaganda lying news stations and press. They indirectly murdered, by on purpose negligence, 110,000 youthful Americans in one year with Chinese made fentanyl laced drugs. Democrats undocumented armies walking in with backpacks of fentanyl without fear of powerless over whelmed hero border guards, or ICE agents. They on purpose created the highest inflation in 45 years blaming anyone, but themselves. They forced Marxist indoctrination, and sexual content on the most innocent, and defenseless amongst us, our youngest children. We peacefully ask God almighty how did such pure evil so easily illegally take power? They ended fair elections, to hold power forever, through open borders. Truly, the greatest act of treason and mass murder on earth, is our open borders. Our enemies know how this cancer weakened america to seize their illegal powers, and now they make their move, as we move closer to total self destruction under these globalist. The Democrat Globalist Marxist Party is America’s high speed one way ticket to living Hell. Please God save us from this evil political party..

  6. Democrats VOTED for it! As for everyone else, STOP supporting them! Stop supporting facebook, Twitter, Google, and the movies!

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