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A tea party icon is now sending out a warning about what he believes the IRS may have in store for conservative activist groups.

As Fox News reports:

The IRS will once again target conservatives and push a political agenda if the agency gets the additional $80 billion proposed under the Inflation Reduction Act, a woman who organized for a Tea Party group swept up in the 2013 targeting scandal told Fox News.

The Senate on Sunday passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes $80 billion in spending for the IRS over 10 years, with more than half of that intended for enforcement. That funding level could add an additional 87,000 employees over that time period to the 82,000 currently on staff, the Biden administration projected last year.

“Knowing how weaponized the IRS interest has been and still is, it’s easy to imagine what it’s going to become once they double the number of agents,” Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC co-founder Suzanne Guggenheim.

The 87,000 additional hires would be incremental, allowing time for some attrition, according to The Washington Post. It’s not clear how many of those employees would go to the enforcement office compared to other departments, like tech support or customer service.

The IRS previously was exposed for targeting conservative groups in 2013.


  1. Taxpayers need to form a group that will band together and protect each other from IRS abuses.Dox the agent’s ,hound and harass them just like has been done to Supreme Court,after all it’s free speech according to Whitehouse and AG.

  2. Does this idea surprise anyone? If it does then your head has been up your a..!! Demonrats have no conscience. They only want the power and will do whatever it takes to get it, no matter how low crawling they have to go! Going to be so many lawsuits against this administration. You Republicans and independents need to make your votes count!

  3. Is here anyone stupid enough to believe these criminals?ABC agencies and mega donors to Democrats and Biden will collect millions from carbon footprints and share with Biden Crime LLC.

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