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A new guest on MSNBC is now claiming that pro-life laws now being passed across the country in the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark ‘Dobbs’ decision is somehow exactly like slavery.

As The Daily Caller reports:

Reverend Jennifer Butler compared abortion to slavery while speaking Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Butler was speaking about a recent op-ed she wrote for Red Letter Christians in which she called for individuals to “denounce Christian nationalism” that has allegedly been “hijacked by white supremacists.” Butler told MSNBC that Christians have long used their religion to justify abuse.

“Our entire faith is about the care of vulnerable people and pushing back on those who would oppress others,” Butler said. “And unfortunately, what has happened in America is Christianity has long been used to justify the oppression of others, it was used to justify slavery, it was used to justify Jim Crow. Now it is being used to justify blocking women from the reproductive care, abortion care, that they need to raise healthy families and that is not my faith.”

“The majorities of religious people in this country support a woman’s access to abortion care because we believe in her moral agency. We believe that she has the spiritual capacity to make these complex and important decisions for her own family. And so, as Christians, particularly as a white Christian in this country, where Christianity has been used to justify terrible racial oppression, we need as Christians to speak more loudly about what our faith calls us to resist the pharaohs, the Egyptian kings, the Roman Caesars of our day.”

On Friday President Biden issued an executive order to try and impede the Supreme Court’s ruling in the ‘Dobbs’ case.


  1. Liberals and their thought process are stupid along with MSM they’re all stupid communist clowns

    1. These people are downright evil. We would not be having the problem of murdering helpless babies if their parents were of the same mindset as they are. They would not even exist. I doubt that they ever consider that.

  2. Why do they want to kill off the black race? I guess they don’t know the history of Margaret Sanger.

  3. No one watches Morning Joke so we are all good!~ It is insane the way they contort the truth to fit their insane ideas!

  4. What world does she live in. She don’t speak for me. I don’t know she can compare to slavery?

  5. This so called Reverend must be a Satanic Reverend. One of the Bible’s 10 commandments states, “Thou shall not Kill!’. Also as for slavery, There we’re 171 black slave owners during that period. The largest Black slave owner was a black man name William Ellison. At the time of his death he owned 65 slaves. So, it’s time these anti-God, anti-white, Anti-American duds do some history!.

  6. And this is supposed to be a reverend
    Killing a baby or anyone for that matter is not something that God is happy with

  7. If Republicans wanted them to abort, they would run around screaming we were murdering them!

  8. Oh no, Jesus is blocking women from murdering His children? What next, He’ll tell them not to commit adultery?

  9. It was DEMOCRATS who committed all the sins she lists! DEMOCRATS! And it was Republicans, Christians and non-Christians, who ENDED them!

  10. When women are denied the right to control their bodies, the lives, their health and their futures, this is slavery . When abortion is illegal, women are reduced to baby-making machines !

  11. The so-called “Reverend” Jennifer Butler is a quack for equating slavery to pro life positions on abortion. Permissive abortion since 1973 killed 63 million babies, including 15 million black babies. Women have a right not to have sexual intercourse. They also have the intelligence to use easily available contraception before they engage in sexual intercourse, thereby avoiding the need for an abortion.

  12. So if Christianity /Christians are akin to being “white supremacists” what does that say about the black population that is primarily Christian? And what about the fact that the founder of Planned Parenthood was actually intent on “curbing” the black population via abortion? One could conclude that the Abortionists are the white supremacists, not the other way around.

  13. Jennifer Butler is no more of a Christian than her father Satan is. Actually Satan has a better claim to be a Christian than she does. We have it on the authority of the Word of God that Satan believes in God and trembles. Apparently Jennifer Butler hasn’t gotten that far yet.

  14. The ignorance is beyond belief.
    And these people call themselves ministers???
    Who’s following this garbage???

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