JD Lasica from Pleasanton, CA, US via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats in the California Legislature passed a bill that would ban police officers from arresting people on a charge of loitering for prostitution, claiming the bill will stop disproportional arrests of “transgender, Black, and Latino women,” according to state Sen. Scott Wiener (D).

The Associated Press reports:

Critics see it as a further erosion of criminal penalties that tie the hands of police on quality-of-life issues like shoplifting and car burglaries. Greg Burt, a spokesman for the California Family Council, and other opponents fear it’s part of an eventual effort to decriminalize prostitution.

“This bill seems to be perfect if you want sex trafficking to even increase in California,” he said. “This bill is really going to affect poor neighborhoods — it’s not going to affect neighborhoods where these legislators live.”

The bill would not decriminalize soliciting or engaging in sex work. It would allow those who were previously convicted or are currently serving loitering sentences to ask a court to dismiss and seal the record of the conviction.

The measure has passed both legislative chambers, but Wiener took the unusual step of stopping the bill from going to Newsom after the Assembly approved the measure in September with no votes to spare. More than two dozen of his fellow Democrats in the Assembly and Senate either voted no or declined to vote.


  1. Really does this surprise anyone.Get rid of the police so that the government can get complete control.Government loves Chaos ,illegals and immorality

    1. No guns to protect us! Should enforce all the Gun Laws on our books now!
      No more killings
      A friend suggested putting a man with an AR in front of every door. See who would try to get at our children not a soul

  2. Let’s see, if minorities disproportionately commit murder, would the fact they are minorities exempt them from murder charges BECAUSE they are minorities?

  3. California politicians favor criminals because they are one and the same, a characteristic shared by politicians everywhere particularly democrats and RINO’s.

  4. Make sure Scott checks his Wiener on this one. You know we should not even arrest those who murder prostitutes, since they are bad for society anyway. California has set itself up for a 1959 Quake Lake venture whereupon everyone will just slide into the ocean in order to feed the sharks. Maybe the Pelosi family will take first dibs. It’s to the point where anything goes so don’t be surprised if Californians start marrying animals in their quest for a balanced society.

  5. Sounds racist to assume black and Latino (shouldn’t it be Latina??) women engage in prostitution at higher rates than non-black and non-Latino wowen.

  6. Well, one way to get your crime statistics down is to remove all crimes. If there are no crimes on the books, there will be no criminals. For instance, if murder is removed as a crime, look how great Chicago’s numbers would be. Just let everyone fire away. They’re doing it anyway but the statistics will sound better in the press.
    The biggest, busiest criminal of them all is the California Democratic Party, in my opinion. They’re turning what was one of the most desirable places in the country into the least. After New York, that is.

  7. When a person doesn’t know who he is or what to say without a teleprompter they do not have the privilege of addressing an issue in iur courts

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