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A judge has now ruled against a top GOP contender in Michigan, meaning his name will likely not be appearing on primary ballots in August.

As The Daily Caller reports:

Businessman Perry Johnson was one of five Republican candidates looking to take on incumbent Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer but whose petition sheets were found to have thousands of fraudulent or invalid signatures. The candidates were deemed ineligible to appear on the primary ballot after the Board of State Canvassers deadlocked on May 26, the AP reported.

Johnson’s legal challenge asked the appeals court to overrule the canvassers and put him back on the ballot, the AP reported. He alleged he would meet the required 15,000 valid signatures if the state elections bureau went over each individual line of his petition sheets, but the court ruled against him.

“The board … had a clear legal duty to investigate, but it did not have a clear legal duty to conduct a comparison of each fraudulent signature against the qualified voter file,” the appeals court said in their unanimous ruling, the AP reported.

The bureau’s report on the signatures said there was currently no indication any of the candidates or campaigns were aware of the fraud. Ron Weiser, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, accused Democrats of attempting to disqualify Republican candidates behind the scenes after the report was released, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Whitmer is up for reelection this fall in what many are expecting to be a must watch race in an important swing state.


  1. Dems cheat OK no problem. Republican candidate has some questionable signatures which all he asked for was due process to prove he was in the right and he’s been called a cheater and disqualified on the spot. Yeah, the election system is fair and unbiased – NOT!

  2. The sleaze bag Whitmer will “ win” another term because it’s all rigged in favor of the Michigan democrats. I feel for the poor people of that state but what can be done? Do votes actually matter?

  3. Good deal…. now lets check her petitions for fraudulent, duplicate, and invalid sigantures

  4. We reject that criminal hag Witmer and we want her out of office!!! We will reject any order that dog puts out and totally ignore everything she says!! That thing is planing to cheat her self in office!! We have to get her out in anyway possible or we will not even have a state!! These devils are nothing but political rapists going against the will of the people!! If this troll gets re elected, we need to reject everything she tries to do and make her life a living hell in retaliation to forcing herself on us!!!

  5. No matter what, Dems will cheat and steal or whatever illegal means they come up with to STEAL elections. They do NOT believe in fairness. They are running scared.

  6. Shes another piece of crap the democratic party must be eliminated for good our takeover in the midterms will be the begining of that can’t wait then dumbass joe will be lame duck potus

  7. Now lets look into her petitions for fraud, duplicate, and invalid signatures… Fair is Fair.

  8. I would not put it past Whitmer to have hired the “Signature Canvassers” to collect the fraudulent signatures for her Republican competition. Another page out of the Democrat Playbook: If you cannot beat your opponents in a fair election, make sure they cannot qualify to run.

  9. Is this the Democrats latest trick?? Do they have more?
    If they can not win, then you will not be allowed to run?

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