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Far-left anarchists have now taken credit for recent attacks on four different churches which saw them defaced and vandalized in Washington State.

The group attempted to justify their actions by claiming that ‘patriarchal sex abuse cults’ that carry out the ‘violence of forced birth.’

As The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Self-described anarchists took credit for vandalizing four pro-life churches in Olympia, Wash., last weekend, referring to the houses of worship as “patriarchal sex abuse cults” that perpetuate the “violence of forced birth.”

Puget Sound Anarchists, a website that publishes writings from “anarchists and anti-authoritarians in the Pacific Northwest,” shared an anonymous post declaring a Mormon church, two evangelical churches, and a Catholic church had been given “facelifts” Sunday morning before services for their “ties to anti-abortion ‘crisis pregnancy centers.'” The churches, according to the anarchists, “are terrified of people exercising bodily autonomy—whether aborting unwanted pregnancies or taking gender-affirming hormones/surgery or fucking whomever we want—because they need the rigid hierarchy of the family as the basic unit of control.”

“We dumped red paint over the entryways and left messages of ‘If abortions aren’t safe, then neither are you,’ ‘Abort the church,’ and ‘God loves abortion,'” the anarchists said. “We are not appealing to state power for an end to patriarchal violence, but threatening: ‘If abortions aren’t safe, then neither are you.'”

The Olympia anarchists said even though abortion will remain legal in Washington if Roe is overturned, “there are still local enemies who are doing everything in their power to make it as difficult and inaccessible as possible.” They said such “enemies are vulnerable and easy to find,” before sharing the address of a crisis pregnancy center and listing Olympia businesses that have donated to it. Abortion has been legal in Washington State since 1970.



  1. God HATES abortion and domestic terrorism. None is “forced” to have a baby. Just take precautions or abstain and you will NOT have a baby.

  2. the “violence of forced birth.”

    While childbirth can be painful, I know of no mother who believes it is violence against her. Nor would this be the case for any other lifesaving procedure or surgery. Also, the church has not committed any crime here, but these Anarchists most certainly have committed crimes and just admitted to doing so.

    It’s just important to keep clear who is telling the truth and who are the liars, who are the criminals and who are the victims.

  3. If this story is true, and I’m far from certain i is, I condemn the violent tactics of these protesters . But they are absolutely right about how disastrous it would be for so many women in America if abortion were to become illegal again in America .
    Many, many poor women will die or nearly perish at the hands of greedy and incompetent back alley abortionists if this happens, and the poorest will die or nearly die by trying to self abort , while wealthy women will easily fly off to Europe or elsewhere for safe, legal abortions .
    And many, many poor children will be left without mothers . I guarantee you, it won’t be pretty .

    1. First of all overturning Roe vs Wade will not make abortion illegal. It will just kick it back to the individual states to make it legal or illegal. When (if) that happens then the pro-choice people can look to their own state for relief. If their own state outlaws abortion there will be the choice to go to another state (not Europe) where it is legal to terminate a child. New York and California, just to name two, will always have legal abortion laws. There will be more states that do as well.

  4. LISTEN UP…..GOD is the GIVER of LIFE. WHO is ANYONE to SAY Which FETUS or BABY Should LIVE or DIE???? GOD’S Signature is in EVERY LIVING THING HE Signed it …HE OWNS it. EVERYTHING on GOD’S Planet EARTH belongs to HIM. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄😇😇😇

  5. Forced birth? If one NEVER wants to bear children there’s a simple solution… its called sterilization and it doesn’t involve needing to torture the unborn to achieve this goal to be childless.

  6. For such a beautiful state as Washington there are sure a lot of ugly people there. The Pacific Northwest has turned into a hateful, disgusting place because of the losers living there (California as well). I wouldn’t live there if you paid me.

  7. They need to be rounded up and sent to gitmo! No trial, just a military tribunal, watch them squirm and cry foul! They are COWARDS, unless they are in a big group, then they are “ tough”, get them one on one and they snivel and whine like all bully punks!

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