Amanda discusses gas stations anticipating a $6 per gallon average nationwide and Joe Biden’s latest gaffe.


  1. Joe Biden is a fool of a President but if gas prices go up to 6.00 he needs to be impeached. If not place him in an asylum for medically brain damaged aged adults. With a straight jacket. Feed him . Don’t let him loose . He is crazy 😜 Save the world from this nut.

    1. I am afraid taking Biden out of power will not change anything because he is not making the decisions but being told what to do.

  2. To start with no one can afford Electric Vehicles or the maintenance on them . to replace a battery you are looking at 8000.00 and that is not including the labor . so why would anyone want to own one let alone the emission’s that come from the battery’s is worse in the long run than that of a gas powered vehicle. So why would anyone want to spend that much money on a electric vehicle let alone the fact that charging them is going to be a problem with some states that have limited power source and already have black outs due to heat in the summer and storm areas. We need to get back to producing our own source of power for the oil company’s and get the pipe line finished . That is the answer. Not depend on other country’s for our energy .


  3. If he’s worried about air quality he shouldn’t have farted while visiting the royal family in England a few months ago

  4. Biden isn’t going to get iOS wish! Ev’s are too expensive and poor people cannot afford them! Is he going to give us all one free? Or only the illegals who get handed everything free? Asking for a friend.

    1. illegals have more rights and everything is free for them. Democrats need illegals to vote illegally!!

  5. Yesterday while registering new republican voters standing at a gas station station in CA, I also had 45 democrats change their party loyalty from democrat to republican…I have a team heading to gas stations to get more democrats change party…Only one who thinks high gas prices are Putins fault are people with IQ’s in the 40’s and basically that is just about everyone in the democrat party….

  6. If our “lustrous” president purchases me a top of the line TESLA, with top of the line batteries, top of the line charging station, pays for the installation of the charging station, pays for the construction on the house that is involved with installing a charging station, pays for the electrician to come out and change out ALL the wiring in my house to accommodate the charging station, then I might drive one. My car gets 35-plus in town and 40-plus on the road. I’m happy.

  7. I predict that this will be like some people I have known who were smokers, and they would lie to themselves that when the price and taxes would go up on a pack or carton of cigarettes, they would quit. Never happened. Some will make the transition to EVs, but most of us won’t. If you really want to help the environment, buying an EV that strip mines the earth for its components isn’t the way to go. Buying clean diesel that uses DEF is more environmentally friendly. Let’s Go Brandon knows this but insists on using a bait and switch con game by driving up fossil fuel cost through artificial shortages he helped to create.

  8. yes the commie democrat cult party is controlling the price of gas to raise inflation even higher!

    these commie democrat cult party members want to abort and/or kill our babies!

  9. We CANT:
    o No energy supply
    o No power
    o Too few EVs
    o EV costs
    o EV battery cost
    o No updated grid

  10. The whole idea of forcing Americans into anything is and has been proven to be totally stupid….

  11. who else but the commie democrats always putting the cart before the horse by eliminating petrol before there will be enough ev to replace the masses needed!

  12. Biden and his Idiot Party are all Mentally Deficient Parasites! Those who voted for these Loser’s deserve everything coming their way. I will not be pressured into buying an EV, nor many I know thanks to the Democrats illiteracy can no longer afford much because of way of the economy.

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