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Three Catholic churches were attacked and vandalized by pro-abortion extremists in the wake of the leak which seemed to prove that the Supreme Court is now on the verge of striking down Roe vs. Wade.

As The Washington Examiner reports: 

The message “Pro-Choice is Pro-Life” was found splashed across the front door of one church Monday around 8:00 a.m., according to a report.

“It’s very unfortunate that people would desecrate the church like this, take their frustration out on the church,” Father Peter Damian Harris, pastor at Holy Rosary Catholic Church, said.

Two other churches in the area were also attacked:

Vandals at St. Bartholomew the Apostle Catholic Church tried to remove the tabernacle.

Intruders at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church sought to desecrate the Eucharist.

The vandalisms follow the firebombing of a pro-life center in Oregon.


  1. What they’re doing is against the Law. There are Laws already on the books covering this BS. Use them.

  2. C’mon man! The Bidenreich will be upset that a Catholic church is attacked by pieceful Democrat protest groups like BLM, Antifa, KKK, etc..

  3. The leaked draft, not a final decision, does not ban abortions in the United States. If this Supreme Court decision is made, about June or July 2022, then the practice of abortion will go back to the States where it belongs……… Some states, such as Mississippi will not allow abortion to be performed within its borders. Other states, such as New York and California, will allow abortions to be peformed right up until the moment of birth, even during labor. Other states, such as Georgia, allows an abortion to be performed prior to a fetal heartbeat being detected by a physician. Choose your state if you must seek an abortion. May I suggest trotting on down to the Rite-Aid, Walgreens, or CVS Pharmacy and purchase a small pregnancy test first, in order to determine if you are pregnant……..Saves time.

  4. That just shows how evil they are! Bloodthirsty ghouls that rejoice at the taking of innocent lives! They should all be in prison!

  5. Just because SOME people are DECEIVED by the Pro-choice label {that does sound good but Pro-Choice does IN FACT include Pro-abortion and abortion meets the definition of MURDER} it doesn’t give them the right to vandalize the property of others!

  6. This is why when these LIBERAL IDIOTS threatened Churches the police should have been sent to protect them and have orders to shoot to kill anyone attempting to harm the buildings or people near them and that order should apply to every Pro-Life office in America always.

  7. I can feel nothing but sorrow for those who tried to desecrate the Churches in Texas.The loss of God in their lives ais what causes them to strike out when they do not get what they want. They have no balance in their lives.What they don’t know is that God created them and he loves all of his children with the same unending love.Like all fathers he has rules that we all need to follow.WE need to pray for them for enlightening of their hearts ,minds and souls.

  8. We all have rights to our opinion

    People who vandalize a Church, school or anything that is not owned by themselves should be charged and prosecuted.

  9. Scum of the earth these people . Just because they don’t get their own way . And to attack a house of God ! Some day they will be called to answer for their actions by God Himself !

  10. The baby killers, abortion supporters, aka democrats just can’t get enough baby blood on their hands to satisfy their blood lust. Aborting your baby is not a right nor is it in the constitution. The pro-abortion crowd say it’s my body my choice but what about the baby’s rights to life, liberty and a pursuit of happiness?
    Leave it to the baby killers to commit violence against those they disagree with. If they can murder babies, you can bet they have no qualms about attacking churches.

  11. But don’t the liberals call all this “peaceful protests”? Seems like these pro-abortion vandals need to be imprisoned, as they don’t quite grasp what society expects of them!

  12. This is not protest it is purely vandalism and those responsible should be prosecuted for a felony. This type of action is common to the brainless liberal left. They have nothing between the ears with which to formulate a rational response so they respond with violence!!

  13. Attacking churches over abortion just shows how pathetic Biden and his hussy buddies really are. Abortion is not a right or privilege…is a way to hide your transgressions and another way for the Democrats to to hogtie minorities. Biden is a mindless hypocrite who has no reason to belong to Catholics. He is no better than his corn pop made up pig of a childlike enemy.

  14. Have these fools thought of not getting pregnant in the first place? In this day and age preventing pregnancy is easy and cheap. Either use contraception or abstain if having a child is so repugnant. I know birth control isn’t 100% but it’s damn close. Back when I was younger that wasn’t the case. If you happen to be in the 1% that gets pregnant on BC then you can go to another state where it’s legal but it must be very early on. Aborting a pregnancy when a heartbeat detectable is murder. God forbid you should have to be inconvenienced by being a responsible human or having to go out of state to handle your situation. A decision that can and (probably will) come back to haunt you later on in life. Take it from one who knows!

  15. I will gladly sit up and defend the Catholic Church I attend from these deranged people. I am fully locked and loaded, and ready to greet any intruder with nefarious intentions.

  16. Churches sadly need to start investing in good quality alarms and security cameras. It will be more than worth the cost. Then , they need to catch and PROSECUTE those who seek to suppress freedom of religion and speech in this country by their hate crimes. My advice to women who REALLY dont want a baby, to the degree they would murder it, might be : 1. Keep your panties on in the first place, or 2. purchase a box of condoms for you partner to use. Its not that expensive.

  17. How is this news? People so focused on preserving an opportunity to commit genocide without consequence vandalized a Christian Church ! How is that news? Maybe if the “right” to terminate a human being because he/she is an inconvenience might open the door to eliminate some of the older ones that we consider an “inconvenience”. Too bad the vandals weren’t “painted red” !!

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