Elon Musk. Photo by JD Lasica from Pleasanton


After Elon Musk bought Twitter in a remarkable all-cash deal, liberals on Twitter freaked out over the Tesla billionaire’s acquisition of the company.

Here are some of the most unhinged leftist meltdowns after hearing the news:



  1. They’re all crapping bricks because they’re no longer gonna be in charge of the ideas being shared. They can’t censor or block ideas they don’t agree with anymore so they don’t wanna play anymore.

    1. Aww gee , and the price of Preparation H is up and their gonna need a lot of it after crapping those bricks .

  2. all these commie democrat snowflakes that are so easily triggered need to be put through shock therapy! bring in nurse Cratchit

  3. So funny & they were silent all those years when they censored US in the Trump admin
    How do U feel now leftists??

  4. There is nothing more feared by the Liberal Left than Free Speech for ALL, not just for their sychophant, lap-dog followers.

  5. Well … it’s a bit of a stretch to call Elon Musk “African American” as a rebuttal to the suggestion that he is a racist. The term usually suggests that he is black. Yes, he’s from African born–South Africa. His father is a white South African of English heritage, and his mother is Canadian by birth.

  6. Funny , I have never heard of any of these liberal crybabies . But if you read their comments and opinions , what they are crying about is exactly what they have been doing to those who do not share their opinions and have a different view point . To them , everything is hunkydorry as long as you agree with how they think and view things . No room for debate or alternate opinion .
    Definitely not how our founders saw this country when they decided on independence . And certainly not what we fought two world wars for .

    1. The libs only want to carry the ball. They don’t want to play defense, cause they don’t have any logical explanation for their closed minded thinking.

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