By Governor Tom Wolf from Harrisburg, PA - 2019 Inauguration of Governor Tom Wolf and Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, CC BY 2.0,

Democratic Party leaders have all but conceded their nominee for United States Senate in Pennsylvania will be Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, a socialist who once held a black jogger at gunpoint.

“The filibuster-hating, gym-shorts-wearing progressive lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania is the odds-on favorite to win the Democratic nomination in one of the country’s most important Senate races,” POLITICO reports. “And Washington Democrats are doing nothing to slow him down by boosting his opponents, state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta and the centrist Rep. Conor Lamb.”

Backed by socialists like Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party’s socialist-leaning activists, a recent poll show Fetterman leads the Democratic primary by 30 points.

Experts say Fetterman has a 50/50 chance of winning if he is the nominee.

But Fetterman is also known for a violent 2013 incident in which he chased down a black man in his pickup truck and held him at gunpoint, in a confrontation eerily similar to the 2020 murder of Ahmad Arbury in Georgia.

Fetterman, believing the sound of fireworks was gunfire and assuming a black man was responsible, grabbed an illegally loaded shotgun, jumped in his pickup truck and chased down a black man who happened to be jogging in the Braddock, Pa. neighborhood where others were lighting fireworks.

Fetterman was mayor at the time.

“The jogger, Christopher Miyares, was unarmed and wearing running clothes and headphones, according to the police report,” MSN reports.

“Fetterman continued to yell and state that he knows this male was shooting,” the police report notes.  

There was no shooting.

“He’s trying to make it like it’s OK. He’s trying to justify what he did. I mean, you’re the mayor of Braddock … with a shotgun,” Miyares said in an interview after the incident.

Increasingly radical Democrat leaders don’t seem to care.

“Almost everyone in the Democratic caucus is staying neutral in the Pennsylvania primary, but there’s plenty of warmth for Fetterman and few concerns that he’d be a weaker general election candidate than his rivals,” POLITICO reports. “That’s a 180-degree turn from the state’s last open primary, when party bosses endorsed and spent big for establishment favorite Katie McGinty, while Fetterman came in third.”

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  1. What interesting is they are trying to get Marjorie tailor green canceled along with a number of other republicans. But they are welcoming him w open arms. True racism in the democrat party

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