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Liberals have recently been adamant that the knowing suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story by the liberal media had no effect on the outcome of the 2020 election, even if it was, in fact, unethical.

However nothing, as the Daily Wire reports, could actually be further from the truth and the data proves it:

In November 2020, the Media Research Center commissioned The Polling Company to survey 1,750 Biden voters in seven swing states (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin).

A massive 45.1% of Biden voters polled said they were “unaware of the financial scandal enveloping Biden and his son, Hunter,” adding that “full awareness of the Hunter Biden scandal would have led 9.4% of Biden voters to abandon the Democratic candidate.”

And it’s this 9.4% change that could have been hugely consequential when we consider Biden’s winning margins in six of these swing states. Biden won Arizona by 0.3%, Georgia by 0.23%, Michigan by 2.8%, Nevada by 2.4%, Pennsylvania by 1.2%, and Wisconsin by 0.63%. A swing of 9.4% would have handed each of these states to former President Donald Trump, giving him 79 additional electoral votes.

So even while the Democratic Party and their media accomplices cling to the notion that Hunter Biden remains an “irrelevant” and “uninteresting” “distraction,” the fact remains clear: one act of baseless censorship helped win the election for Joe Biden.

Do you think the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story helped Joe Biden win the presidency in 2020? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. the omission on news makes them just as guilty for jan. 6 as the frustrated demostrators they should have the same fate.

  2. Yes the public should have been told the truth about Hunter Biden during the election. The left lies just to get what they want rather than tell the truth.

    what a shame, and now look at our democracy…
    this tainted our fabric of our government..
    where do we go from here?…sad
    thank you

  4. Of course it did. And the libtards knew it too, that’s why they tried to say it was a lie, Russian collusion and misinformation and now they’re saying oh it wasnt relevant or that interesting or that big of a deal. I can only hope this wakes up some people.

  5. What got the thief in chief in the White House was media suppression as well as Zuckerbucks #CoronaSCAM2020! A whole laundry list of illegal voting activities performed by people paid by Demo RATS and Demo RAT Donors! All Audit findings show that Biden lost by a massive amount in the 2020 Election due to multiple aspects of fraud! Once the fraud is taken out Biden did not get anywhere near half the votes Trump did!

  6. The vote drop off boxes were illegal in every states constitution in which it was used but they still counted the votes from them anyway because of Zuckerbucks paying them to do it! Zuckerburg should be in Prison for mass voter fraud in each state that he had the drop off boxes put out in!

  7. We all know there was massive voter fraud, everyone keeps talking about it , but no one is doing anything about it! Biden didn’t Win, he was “ installed” by obama by the hammer/ scorecard software used in both of obama’s Elections. When are people going to wake up and see we were all cheated? And—- they will do it again in the mid-terms if they can. Why does anyone think they want to get HR1 passed, so they can nationalize our elections? And only demonrats will win elections every year. Soon, the American people will have NO say in how we are to be governed.

  8. Of course, the media won the election for Joe Biden. Also, the High Tech people would not allow it to be posted or commented on. It was a collusion of the highest form!. The real winner was Donald Trump. He kept telling people the election was stolen and no one would believe him. Why? Because of the hatred on the left against Trump. They elected a man that is destroying the United States of America! He is unfit to serve and I believe most everyone would agree. He is not the one calling the shots it is someone behind the scenes. I hope they are caught and prosecuted to the fullest!

  9. All the suppression of the media and all the progama needs to stop! What happen to free speech and Twitter, Facebook & utube are suppose to be platforms where people can write and say things. Now all of these sites will not allow anything that they have been told to suppress .

  10. It wasn’t just the laptop. The Democratic Party lied, cheated, and stole the election. It wasn’t fair and wasn’t representative of the desires of the American people. Remember 2020!

  11. In 2024 Trump should get another eight years in the White House because of all the dishonesty of the demoncrats.

  12. “ And it’s this 9.4% change that could have been hugely consequential when we consider Biden’s winning margins in six of these swing states.”

    Sadly no. The Democrats would have just manufactured more votes. According to the federal government’s official election results, more than 30 million more votes were counted than there wet voters who voted. [You can confirm this yourself by simply taking the number of registered voters, multiply that by the official participation rate and comparing the results with the total votes recorded for all candidates for President.]

  13. First with all of the illegal activity that the dems did in this election (2020) Biden didn’t win. I can citd many issues but you all should be keeping up on this). So the election would have just be rigged more to make sure Biden won. See it didn’t matter how many people voted for Trump as the dems, at the last min as occurred, would have come up with more votes for Biden to win. See the point.

  14. All of the good DEMOCRATS know they messed up but it was not their fault it was the BS FAKE NEWS and now they are regretting it. WHY, GAS, FOOD, ILLEGALS PUT UP IN EXPENESIVE MOTELS and i could go on and on. LET’S TAKE “AMERICA” back as AMERICANS no matter what color, religion and just loving and helping each other.

  15. If Hunter Biden had been a government employee, or had had security clearance issues as Trump’s kids had, this would have been noteworthy. But, what Hunter Biden did as an independent businessman has nothing to do with the Presidency or our federal government.

  16. He never won anyway !! Anyone with a brain can clearly see that there was massive fraud after All the bullshit started of stop counting votes around 10pm on election night. All of a sudden around 2am this asshole Biden was getting millions of votes. Just like Kennedy in 1960 winning after he was clearly losing . Illinois the most corrupt state in the union started stuffing the ballot box after 10 pm when it looked like Nixon was a winner. Same shit this last time. Democrats know how to stuff ballot boxes , they are criminals and we better hold them accountable this next time cause it will happen again in 2022..

  17. The question must be rhetorical as it is obvious to anyone regardless of political affiliation that suppressing the information about Hunter Biden’s laptop could have done nothing but aid Joe Biden.

  18. Biden would still have been elected ! Several boxes of ballots, all for
    Biden, would have miraculously been found at the last minute.

  19. The 2020 presidential election was stolen. Not so much by voters but by the media that failed to provide he American people the truth about the Biden family. As a results most American have lost all confidence in the journalism in America. Fack news. M

  20. Absolutely. The media and the Demo party are quick to say that there was no evidence of corruption. Wouldn’t tis qualify as one of the grossest forms of corrupting the election–together with all the other well documented shenanigan’s. None of these are purely coincidental but rather a result of deliberate interventions to deprive the American electorate of being able to freely exercise their constitutional right to chose their own leaders.?

  21. Sure the main stream medias holding back of Hunter Biden’s lap top help Joe Biden get elected to The Presidency! Now LOOK at what America has to represent America? For The People, by The People? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

  22. The media ala Bezos, Zuckerberg, etc. run this country if they’re not exterminated then common citizens stand no chance of any democracy.

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