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Late-night host Bill Maher laid into President Biden during his show on Friday, claiming that Americans should look into why Russian President Putin decided to invade Ukraine during the Presidency of Joe Biden and not while former President Trump was in office.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Comedian Bill Maher, host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” said during his show on Friday that people needed to think about why Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine under President Joe Biden instead of former President Donald Trump.

Maher slammed Biden for bringing up the January 6 riot into the discussion about Ukraine and highlighted Biden’s words, “Look, how would you feel if you saw crowds storm and break down the doors of the British Parliament, kill five cops, injure 145, or the German Bundestag, or the Italian Parliament? I think you’d wonder.”

“OK, but if Putin thought Trump was really that supportive of him, why didn’t he invade when Trump was in office?” Maher continued. “It’s at least worth asking that question if you’re not locked into one intransigent thought.”

Maher’s remarks come as Russia’s invasion into Ukraine has now entered its third week, with both sides sustaining thousands of causalities as the fighting has caused significant damage to cities.

Maher also recently slammed Canada’s Justin Trudea, claiming he sounded ‘like Hitler’ during his speech denouncing the recent trucker protest against lock down measures in Ottawa.


  1. Maher actually has an opened mind. He’s a liberal but on rare occasion he can see the obvious. Dont agree with most of his views but more like him on the liberal side and our country might survive. He is at least willing to listen. The whoopies of the world are locked in and nothing affects their opinion. “Don’t confuse me withe facts my mind is made up”.

    1. The Whoopies and Joy Behar’s of the world are a blight on the world! They deal in racism first and foremost!

      1. I WISH we could drop both of them into North Korea – unannounced. Let’s see how much they like Communism then!

        1. Make sure Whopee, AOC, Ilhaam Oma,r and the rest of those idiot Squared members who most likely brought their degree from someone, because like that ex bartender fool Aoc their are some of the most fowl stupid people to ever hold office. And ert I think their even have an inch of smart more that that stupid ignorant fool we have for a so call VP.

          1. They did not have to buy their degrees. Our universities are today populated with Marxist professors.

      2. That’s because they all of those View hosts are devoid of any soul, morals, truth or any thing that’s right or good. they are all satanist all those so call ladies)if you can really call them tha.t They are all evil. They would eat theirs kids if Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and all those progressives climate change nut job fools told them to.

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  2. Don’t forget the invasion during the Obama years too! When Obama was caught on a hot mic telling Putin’s puppet to ‘tell Vladimir that after the election he would have a lot more flexibility’, which apparently meant after the election you can take Crimea because we will not do anything to stop you. Then Putin takes a 4 year sabbatical only to resume the Ukraine project under Biden. That would be collusion with Russia by both Obama and Biden. In fact, just this past week Biden claimed that Putin was responsible for the inflation in this country and that it all started when Putin massed 150,000 troops on the Ukrainian border. Biden fuirther explained that everyone knew Putin was going to invade, which means Biden sat back and did nothing except give a waiver for the Nordstream 2 pipeline while stopping new drilling here and canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, all while he knew there would be all of this happening? That would be treason if we actually believed everyone in the Biden administration was aware what was going to happen, since every decision made hurt us and helped Russia! Why wasn’t Biden arming Ukraine more, when actually Biden stopped arming Ukraine over the past year, the opposite of what Trump was doing. Biden is actually a traitor by his own words, but of course we don’t know if Biden even realizes what he is saying when he speaks but it would be treason if he was mentally competent.

      1. Give them their fair trial and if proven guilty of treason, hang one each day at noon in front of the Capital Building.

        After the WH is cleaned out, move onto the treasonous scum in Congress, starting with Pelosi.

        From there, focus on all actors involved in spying on Trump’s campaign and his WH.

        Fourth, but not least, go after the head honchos at the federal and state levels of the justice department who have done everything in their power to contradict the oaths they took.

        Lastly, target the alphabet departments and bureaus.

        1. You left out the most guilty, the media. Democrats have been brainwashed due to fake news. They should be severely punished.

    1. What our senile Puppet-In-Chief has at least three times admitted fearing is “getting in trouble” with some secretive evidetly wannabe Marxist handlers who is always out of sight as if hiding behind a curtain as if in Emerald City.

  3. I used to dislike him although I thought he was funny, but now I really like him for speaking out,I don’t even think of him as a liberal any more.

  4. 5 cops aren’t killed jan 6! Such lies! More cops have been killed by blm!! And more riots by them sbd people injured!!!!

    1. Far more. The crime rates in the cities have skyrocketed and most of the victims are minorities. We are talking about hundreds of murders now reaching into the thousands..

  5. Better late to the game than totally missing it. Mr. Maher has always leaned too left for me but I do respect someone who can put aside partisan politics and put blame where it belongs vs the millions of committed Progressives we’ve spawned over the past 20 years who support their warped ideology 1,000% of the time, regardless of provable facts, or how ridiculous and “woke” their positions might be.

  6. Maher was unfair to Trump during his presidency, but he has a degree of honesty that is totally lacking with the Maim Stream Media.

  7. While Jan6th was a horrible event, it cannot be as Bill Maher described . Police helped to open up the Capital. They purposely did not control the crowd.
    The administration of Biden is a weak state of morons. We grow weaker by the day. Putin knows that “sleepy joe” will not do anything to help.
    We pray for the peace of the Ukraine.

  8. Why didn’t Putin invade? Maybe he was catching his breath from Georgia? Oh, and amassing troops and equipment on the Crimea, as we eased sancations? Building pipelines to afford an invasion? Oh wait, Putin was afraid of Trump, just like Kim was. Is that the simple minded theory being propagated here? By the way of Maher? Didnt Trump want some of these comedians silenced? Lol. We have short memories , we partisan lemmings don’t we.. We all watched this unfold over a decade. Nothing paused. In fact some would argue Russian aggression accelerated during the Trump Adminsrstion. But, by all means, agree with Maher…you gotta be kinding me. Take a geographic look at the Crimea. Look at a timeline…Consider how important fortification of the Crimea would be to an Ukraine invasion. See that bottleneck on the map? Yah that was used to carry out the strengthening, and could’ve easily been address at any time during Trumps term. I’m no Biden fan, but throwing Trump a bone on this one is dangerously inaccurate. To go another step, would Trump send American resources to a non NATO nation ? He was often heard questioning the need for NATO. Sure, he wanted everyone to pay their fair share , but it was more than that, so don’t try to kid yourself there. This partyism and the resulting infighting creates fertile soil for the unabashed duopoly festering here in our nation… Not unlike the political landscape of Venezuela 30 years ago. The idea Trump is any different than a Biden just furthers the duopoly that makes you think you have a choice at the ballot box. The two big differences, guns and abortion. Here’s the best part. Anti 2A lefties own firearms , while raiming against them, and Right wing pro-life *conservatives* ,are getting abortions. Both parties love deficit spend and are enslaving our grandchildren .

  9. Maher, usually a lockstep liberal, has lately begun to wake up and smell the coffee. Despite the Mueller investigation’s finding nothing to support the claim of Trump colluding with Russia, liberals and progressives refuse to accept that and continue to claim that the White House was full of traitors, and Trump the worst of them. Thus Maher’s question has real meaning: Why didn’t Putin invade when he supposedly had a friend in the White House? He took over the Crimea under a weak President Obama, and a weak President Biden gave him his opportunity in the Ukraine. Biden even said publicly that a “minor incursion” by Putin wouldn’t be troubling! When he addressed the UN he promised ‘relentless diplomacy–and {Putin, Xi, Kim and others ers saw it for what it was: a ringing declaration of weakness.
    Naive fools like Obama, Biden and Kerry like to talk about ‘exit ramps’ for aggressors like Putin. But Putin won’t be looking for an exit ramp until he knows he’s losing, and until then the human toll will be nightmarish and much of Ukraine will be destroyed. And with Biden and other western leaders afraid to stand up, that will be a long time coming. Putin is following Hitler’s playbook from the late 1930s, and the West is gullibly playing along.


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