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The Biden White House has now decided to send Vice-President Kamala Harris on a trip to eastern europe as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to send a flood of refugees into the continent.

As Fox News reports:

Vice President Kamala Harris will be in Poland Monday, where American troops are stationed to assist with Ukrainian refugees, Fox News has learned.

The Harris trip is one of several diplomatic contacts between the U.S. and Poland, which has taken in around 650,000 refugees, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. President Biden spoke for nearly an hour with Polish President Andrzej Duda on Friday.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken will travel separately to Poland on Saturday, and a small number of U.S. lawmakers will also fly to Europe this weekend and will meet with Harris Monday.

Harris is reportedly now a key part of the Biden Administration’s attempt to reach out to NATO allies in the region.


    1. No Experience Needed, No Boss Over il Your FD Shoulder… Say Goodbye To Your Old Job! Limited Number Of Spots

      1. Considering how the old mattressback got to where she is, the “you know what” would be no surprise. She and AOC can put on their knee pads and get in line.

  1. Will she “go down in flames”, the teaser says? Let’s support the hackers who are outing the private yachts and aircraft of the oligarchs and help Polish air defenses misidentify her as a Russian aerial formation ! GOP, be forewarned, do not join in her s**tshow, let her fail on her own like she did with the Mexican border.

    1. Really great idea—-maybe she can teach them where Ukraine is, and offer them a free ride out of there!

    1. I beg to differ sir? Floating a rubber in a bathtub is how she got her job. His name wasn`t Duck.

  2. You send an idiot on a mission You end up having an idiotic outcome and worse . Why not send his wife too and then we can truly celebrate if both are dead . But We still have prizzie Bidet in OUR HOUSE .

  3. So this administration who is so worried about global warming but going to send 3 different planes to take folks to the same meeting.

  4. I wonder what profound explanations, discussions, ideas will be emanating from her brilliant hindbrain.

  5. The dumb cow cain’t even find the Texas border to attempt to stem the flow of criminal
    illegal aliens from invading the United States and nowshe gonna go to the Ukraine to
    do what a Photo Op to say she been there? What she going to do “BRAY” at the Russians
    like she does ever time she is ask a serious question and then go hide like Joe in the

  6. I hate sound vulgar but this is the first thing that came to my mind when reading Harris is going to go to Poland… that is like “Pissing on a fire”. She is incapable of doing anything useful their, but I very capable of presenting the USA as week and incompetent. She continues to be a disgrace to our country as well as to freedom loving people the world over. The best She can do is giggle as world leaders shake their heads!!

  7. Kamala went to Ukraine to fill out an application for an executive job at Burisma. She figures she will need something to fall back on after her stint at the WH. Besides, if they would hire a crack-smoking person like Hunter, what does she have to lose?

  8. You know Harris is going to ‘F’ up this visit to Europe. She could not find her way to the southern border in the US and she is supposed to find her way to Ukraine??? Why not tie her to a rocket and send her to Russia…it would be most beneficial to all. And do it before she speaks.

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