Jeffrey Epstein, 27, in a personals ad published in the July 1980 issue of Cosmo magazine. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s family fears for her life after an accused sex trafficker tied to Epstien ring was found hanged in his his cell, eerily similarly to how the disgraced pedofile died in 2019.

French modeling agent, Jean-Luc Brunel, was found dead in his Paris prison cell early Saturday morning, and could not be revived by first responders. 

Brunel, 74, who discovered supermodels Christy Turlington and Milla Jovovich, operated a US modeling agency funded by Jeffrey Epstein, after fellow convicted sex trafficker, Ghislaine Maxwell, allegedly introduced them.  

Brunel was arrested in December 2020 on suspicion of providing underge girls from his agency for Epstien to sexually abuse, and charged in his native country with raping minors over 15-years-old. 

Prince Andrew and Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre claimed that she was forced to perform sex acts on Brunel and said that Epstien had once boasted that he had sex with “over a thousand women that Brunel brought in.”

Brunel’s lawyers said that his reported suicide by hanging, the same way that Epstien was found dead in his cell, was commited out of their client’s “deep sense of injustice,” rather than guilt, as he had never stopped declaring his innocence.  

They also asserted that he made “several suicide attempts” in custody, but was not under official suicide watch. 

The family of Maxwell, who awaits sentencing after being found guilty on five counts of sexual abuse and trafficking late last year, reporteldy “fears for her safety” after Brunel’s death.

“It’s really shocking,” her sibling Ian Maxwell committed. “Another death by hanging in a high-security prison. My reaction is one of total shock and bewilderment.”

 “Despite the psychiatrist advising to the contrary, she was deemed a suicide risk and they are continuing to wake her up every 15 minutes in the night. It’s a complete violation of prisoner rights and human rights,” he continued.

Maxwell requested a retrial in January, after a juror admitted in an interview that he used his past sexual abuse truama to sway the jury into a guilty verdict.

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  1. This is Obama’s third term. He is and has been an avowed Communist. By you being his puppet, he is doing the USA much damage. Your policies make no sense at all. You need to take a competency test. The DNC is at fault too.

    1. Bath-House Barry was an empty suit who just read the teleprompter–you give him too much credit! You’re right in the sense the same puppet-masters who ran Barry are now pulling Biden’s strings… As for the ‘suicide’, one wonders if he was another witness to the Clintons’ molesting children (those folks seem to have a very limited shelf life!)

  2. What is the judicial system doing to obtain the evidence that Maxwell has? Are they going to expose all the players within this Scandal or will they kill off the witnesses one by one to protect the Rich, Influential, partakers of the Pedophilia Agencies?

  3. Imagine that!!!!! Another person that could put both cintons in prison “committed suicide” in a maximum security prison cell,how VERY interesting!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Another wicked witch orchestrated suicide, compliments of the Clinton foundation and your friendly neighborhood hit man.

  6. And again, ain’t it funny how no security cameras or personnel were around when he just happened to find enough wire to “hang himself”?

    1. Yes strange . Good riddance! . Oh! Yeah 🙄his lawyers said he didn’t do it because he felt guilty.🤨 Of course he was guilty!. How’s hell Brunel 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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